NewSpring’s new motto: “We love to hear kids cuss!!”

If you want to know what really motivates and inspires Perry Noble–well, it’s not hearing a child say they love Christ. It isn’t hearing that a child stands up to kids who mock him for not giving in to peer pressure. And no, Perry Noble isn’t invigorated by watching the life of a former reprobate turned into a life that is lived in holiness and righteousness to God.

No, what really gets Perry Noble amped up is…..

……hearing a child cuss. Don’t believe me, do ya? Well, read it for yourself, from Noble’s own blog:

A first time visitor (probably around 9 or 10 years old) walked into our 4th-5th grade room in KidSpring at our Anderson campus and was BLOWN away!He looked at the children’s worker who met him at the door, and, after looking around the room he said, “you guys have a wii?”

“Yep,” she said.

“And you guys have a PSIII?” he said!

“Yes sir, we sure do,” she replied.

“And we can play these for free?” He asked.

“Yep,” she answered.

Then he turned to his friend and said out loud, “This Sh_t is awesome!”

Wow, how cool is that!! Hearing a 9-year-old use words that shouldn’t even be used by a grown-up!! That should bring a tear to any pastor’s eye…*SNIFF SNIFF*….[/sarcasm]

Now, how much you wanna bet that if they took those video games away from that kid, he’d go into a screaming fit, and there’d be a blue streak hovering over Anderson, SC for days. In his blog post, Noble makes it perfectly clear that all of this kid’s wants and desires were met. They had things to keep him entertained. And that was what Noble bragged about.

Of course, he probably heard the same watered-down “gospel” that most people probably hear at BitterSpring–the one that says you can ignore all the places where the Bible talks about saints being different from the world, and that you can say a little prayer and ask Jesus into your heart and not change your behavior. In fact, you can read more about the guy that runs the children’s “ministry” at BitterSpring–and his choice in music–here. So, just what kind of message do you think this guy is sending these children? Now, if this child continues to attend BitterSpring, he can sit under the “ministry” of this guy, and his “clever repartee” of vulgar language.

So, did this child get saved? Did this child hear and accept the gospel? Did he leave proclaiming a love for Christ? Good question. The answer is……we don’t know. Noble neglected to tell us anything about that in all of his self-praise. But we do know this–he really had fun playing video games!! That’s what’s important!! Oh, and he heard something about some Jesus dude that fed people.

11 thoughts on “NewSpring’s new motto: “We love to hear kids cuss!!”

  1. While Jesus was having dinner at Levi’s house, many tax collectors and “sinners” were eating with him and his disciples, for there were many who followed him. When the teachers of the law who were Pharisees saw him eating with the “sinners” and tax collectors, they asked his disciples: “Why does he eat with tax collectors and ‘sinners’?” On hearing this Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have come not to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Luke 2:15-17)

    Did these “sinners” get saved? Did they hear and accept the gospel? Did they leave proclaiming a love for Christ? Good question. The answer is… we don’t know. Luke neglected to tell us anything about that. But we do know that they met a dude named Jesus.


  2. Will people really meet “a dude named Jesus” at Newspring? I would have to question if the Jesus they meet there is truly the Jesus of the Bible.


  3. Scott,

    We don’t know the specifics of what Jesus and the sinners discussed, or whether they came to faith, but I think it’s very safe to say what the general topic was. They talked about exactly what Jesus always talked about, which was the gospel and the Word of God, because the purpose of His coming was to seek and to save that which is lost.

    He didn’t try to make them think He was cool. He told them exactly what they needed to hear for their eternity. What else would Jesus talk about, and what else would you ever want to talk to Jesus about?

    That is a stark contrast with the Newspring Video Game Arcade.



  4. To be completely fair, I believe Noble’s excitement over the cussing was taken a bit out of context, if one reads the whole post. I think we’d all agree that it would be wrong (as he explained further on) to expect the world to not act like the world. And it would also be wrong to be overly judgmental and legalistic and throw a worldly, unsaved person out of church simply because they cussed. I think that was his main point.

    It’s only when sinners remain comfortable with their sin, instead of repenting, that problems arise.

    This is where Noble’s church seems to fail. While it was great they didn’t ostracize or look down on this child with a dirty mouth, truly loving that child would’ve meant rebuking him for his language, and presenting the true gospel to him.


  5. Hope, It seems PN was not taken out of context. It appears he was loudly pointing out how he perceives how his people are soooo broadminded, so full of love for the unsaved that a bit of swearing doesn’t faze them. In comparison all other stuffy, bigoted, narrow minded Christians would loudly object to such language being used. PN is always drawing a dividing line between himself and the rest of the Christian world. PN is not trying to be like the world, he is of the world. If he was truly saved he would be truly loving these people and sharing the Gospel with them, not catering to worldly desires. PN is so full of pride, arrogance contempt and hatred for true Christians, he will everything he can to discredit them. He is also a boaster
    Sermon of the week: “What Was Paul Doing on Mars Hill?” by Phil Johnson. I love this sermon and was about to post it to someone else and thought it would be good for any PN fans to listen to.


  6. This is not a one time isolated incident. It’s obviously a culture being fostered at NewSpring.

    If you listen to the podcasts on this link (second half of part 1 and all of part 2), Chris Rosebrough analizyes one of PN’s sermons to a large group of pastors who want to be just like him. In this sermon Noble talks about another incident with another kid and another use of profanity and not only did Noble give no indication it was wrong, but the whole gaggle of pastors in the audience thought it was so funny.

    Fourpointer posted on this culture of profanity in this previous post.

    – The Pilgrim


  7. Hope,

    If you click on the links I included in my post, you will see that the CHILDREN’S “pastor” is a huge fan of……Eminem. You know, the foul-mouthed rapper that bragged about having his little sister gang-raped. And why is this fellow such a big fan of such a vulgar “entertainer?” [emphases mine]

    I LOVE EMINEM’S music too, and many others that say “bad words” in their music! And before many of you FREAK OUT because a Children’s Pastor just said he liked “bad music,” let me explain! I love their music because it is packed with EMOTION and tells a story! They pour their hearts out and (if you listen hard enough) you will be exposed to a reality that most Christians miss…

    OK, get ready…here comes the accusation in 3…2…1…[emphases and ALL CAPS mine]

    you will be exposed to a reality that most Christians miss because THEY ARE TOO BUSY BEING A “PHARISEE” RATHER THAN BEING A CHRIST FOLLOWER. They tell the story of a broken heart, a broken world, and help me to remember the reality of what it feels like to be lost & without hope! (source)

    That’s right!! We’re Pharisees because we shun the worldly and profane ramblings of vulgar, foul-mouthed “entertainers” who hate God.

    One thing this “pastor” fails to mention about Eminem’s songs is this–there is no mention of repentance, and no sorrow over the life he has chosen. But that is what a friend of the world does–he brings the vulgar things of the world into the worship of God, and joins the worship of God to the worship of self. Just more fruit from the bitter and poisonous Nobletree.


  8. fourpointer:
    Thank you for posting this. I went to PN’s site as well, and read his description of this instance. His take on it does not coincide with what God has decreed for His church. It provides a good example of how so many of these Emerging preachers work their magic. And I say that in the occult sense. On the outside, they appear to be interested in souls. But after peeling back the skin, the deeper one goes into the rotten fruit, the more we see that the “Jesus” and the “gospel” they preach are entirely different from the true Jesus and true Gospel as defined and described in God’s word.


  9. In the sermon that Chris Rosebrough critiqued I believe that you were talking about the case where parents were trying to get their little child into the car, and the child was throwing a fit and in a burst of rage said that he “wants to go back to the *%$* church” Perry stated that he loved the childs passion and wanted to hire him on the spot. No mention of the disrespect and dishonoring of the parents, nor the foul mouth. It reminds me of a politician that we all know that said that if you want to know what kind of person I am, just look at the type of people I surround myself with. As in the case of the politician, we have looked at the type of people that he surrounds himself with, and wants to surround himself with (the disobediant, unruly, rebellious child), and it does say a lot about the man.


  10. There seems to be a breed of preacher emerging that is proud of their arrogance and rebellion. These wolves are beginning to make very little effort to look like sheep, knowing that they will have a loyal following no matter what they do. Rebels love to pile up teachers who make them feel comfortable in their rebellion, and let them follow wholeheartedly after their sin (unchallenged). Noble, Osteen, Meyers, Warren, Bell, and all the rest are the fulfillment of God promise to turn people over to their sin if they stubbornly refuse to repent. Our prayers should be for the congregation and even the preachers at these Churches, that God might bring them to repentance.


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