Steve Lawson: Tolerance for everything except Christians.

HT: Belt of Truth

6 thoughts on “Steve Lawson: Tolerance for everything except Christians.

  1. It is very encouraging to see ministers of the gospel in the west actually give these Scriptural warnings that have been the possession of all believers over the centuries. We should give thanks to God for men like Steve Lawson – and pray for them. These are our real Christian leaders.


  2. I can sure attest to this. My wife and I are undergoing terrible persecution for our faith. We are now being assessed by a psychologist and the undertones of our faith are sure present in his questions. We are to be assessed for our intelligence, we are asked questions about our stance on discipline, the roles in the home, how children should obey parents…everything is geared toward a bias for being a Christian. We now realize that we have been delivered up to the governmental authorities because of our faith and who knows what God has planned for us? We will be content and yield to whatever it is and know that God will be glorified. Thanks for the reminder.


  3. R&R,
    May the Lord give you strength and wisdom to endure; may we who are your brothers and sisters continue to lift up your family to the Lord.

    Pilgrim, thank you for posting this; we need more men of God sounding the trumpet warning of what is coming.


  4. Thank you my friends. We have done everything we know how to present ourselves as Christ’s examples, but man, this is one loooong wringer.


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