A Spherical Gospel Tract

missionball11Last summer, my wife and I attended her class reunion. We piled into one of her classmate’s cars to do some sight seeing for the day. I was surprised to find some gospel tracts I was familiar with in their car. It turns out that this couple likes to go out witnessing. They’ve been on several missions trips, and they’ve had a great idea.

Most Americans realize that soccer is a terrible sport. But in most parts of the world, soccer is the most popular sport. A quick way to draw a crowd is to bring out a soccer ball. What better gift for people who love soccer than a soccer ball with a solid gospel message printed on it? How many people will get to read the message on the soccer ball?

Whenever a Christian tells my friend and me that we’re not witnessing properly, he always responds that they don’t have to do it our way, and rattles off a list of creative ways for them to preach the gospel. There is no shortage of creative ways to preach the gospel, only a shortage of people willing to actually carry out the ideas. I think this soccer ball idea is fantastic, and I’ll be praying for their success.

You can check out their website to find out more. They’re currently trying to raise money to have 10,000 soccer balls manufactured.

2 thoughts on “A Spherical Gospel Tract

  1. I’d just like to pass on another way to help spread the gospel and it’s simply this:-

    Include a link to an online gospel tract (e.g. http://www.freecartoontract.com/animation) as part of your email signature.

    An email signature is a piece of customizable HTML or text that most email programs will allow you to add to all your outgoing emails. For example, it commonly contains name and contact details – but it could also (of course) contain a link to a gospel tract.

    For example, it might say something like, “p.s. you might like this gospel cartoon …” or “p.s. have you seen this?”.


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