Aaron Shafovaloff on Mormonism vs. the Supremacy of Christ


(I think the above picture–the game of Jenga™–is an appropriate metaphor for Mormonism. Pull one piece out and the whole shebang falls into a million little pieces)

Aaron Shafovaloff, who runs the blog over at Mormonism Research Ministries, shares a testimony on the Supremacy of Christ at the Manti Evangelism training seminar. He shares why he likes to share his testimony with Mormon missionaries, and how to use that to witness to them (from Mormon Coffee).

3 thoughts on “Aaron Shafovaloff on Mormonism vs. the Supremacy of Christ

  1. I have a question. Why is it that you and other anti-Mormons are so rude and contentious towards LDS when they defend their beliefs? You take it upon yourselves to criticize the beliefs of others, but you do not allow correction when you are wrong.


  2. Bill, What is an “anti-Mormon”? I know people who are anti-Mormonism, but not anti-Mormon. I have an article on my blog which explains the difference


    I don’t think people need to be rude when questioning or criticizing the Mormon religion. I think people should attack the doctrine of Mormonism, not the person. People should be firm about the Mormon Doctrine not being inline with the Bible, yet do so with the right right attitude. You can say my beliefs as an ex-Mormon, now Christian are wrong all you want. At the end of the day I will still go back to the Bible, and you will go back to your current prophet.



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