It Gets Worse for John Piper

Several posts at DefCon have detailed many of the concerns any Christian ought to have with the public behavior and pronouncements made by John Piper – here’s a search page showing them.

It keeps getting worse, as John Piper pursues public friendships with people who know not the gospel of Jesus Christ yet call themselves ministers of the gospel. People like Rick Warren.

What follows is an excerpt from a post from Ken Silva at at this page.

People of the living God – pay attention to the teaching you receive. Do not take anything from any man without testing it in light of the Word of God. Give no minister a pass on essential issues of the Christian faith, for many are deceived and many more will be. Mark those walk contrary to the Word of God and have nothing to do with them.

Here is part of Ken’s message – read the whole thing.

This was a Trojan Horse that squishy evanjellyfish leaders would bring into their own camp and then proved to be the vehicle from which this spurious spirituality, a romanticized version of the Counter Reformation (hello) spirituality of the apostate Roman Catholic Church, would be unloaded into the mainstream of the visible church, which such as these have been pawning off for years now as so-called Spiritual Formation. I’ve also pointed out it’s an incontrovertible fact that the main purveyors of CSM would be the Living Spiritual Teacher and Quaker mystic Richard Foster, along with Southern Baptist minister Dallas Willard; who is quite literally Foster’s spiritual twin.

In additon, in no uncertain terms I told you that it’s well past time for recognizing the inclusive, and increasingly universal, fruit of the Emerging Church and the spiritual skubalon of Foster-Willardism. Ok, but what does this have to do with John Piper? I’m glad you asked. Dr. Piper’s choice to advance Rick Warren into the Reformed camp has had the rippling effect of people, even outside of any discernment ministries, beginning to look a little closer at his theology, educational background, and associations; e.g. his charismatic bent, his connection to Fuller Theological Seminary, and with the late Ralph Winter.

I had received a tip from a source back in June of this past year; and as I followed up on it, it would eventually lead me to discover some disturbing information which I orginally began sharing in Questions Concerning Dr. John Piper and Dr. John Piper And Unanswered Questions. As I told you earlier this year in Mark Driscoll, Acts 29 Network, & The Emerging Church I have some serious reservations about so-called New Calvinism. And there’s very good reason for such concern as Mark Driscoll and his Acts 29 Network are growing in popularity and influence within the younger sector of the Reformed Camp; being blessed as they are by Dr. John Piper, who’s seen as a father of this New Calvinism.[3]

9 thoughts on “It Gets Worse for John Piper

  1. I wonder if next year Piper will be rubbing elbows with, Thomas S. Monson; current president and prophet of the Mormon church. It wouldn’t be that much of a stretch and Ravi Zacharias has already opened that door.

    Before Piper defenders cry, “Now that’s just ridiculous,” remember, it wasn’t that long ago that you would have said the same thing if I dared to suggest he’d be working together with Rick Warren. Be honest.


  2. I sent the following note to Ken Silva.

    May God have mercy on John Piper.

    My dear brother, Ken – where to begin? John Piper has been sliding down the broad road toward apostasy for several years now. His “Christian hedonism” is wretched from start to finish. His non-Baptist church structure baffles anyone who has studied Baptist church history – although he has built a model embraced by other professing Baptists, such as his good friend Rick Warren and his neighbor Bill Hybels. Not to mention my local circus act of Kerry Shook.

    Why is it that “famous men of God” – at least in this generation – seem to lose their bearings as they age? (Warren was off course from the beginning.)


  3. I’m well aware you have heard that John Piper put out a 90 minute interview with Rick Warren. He does not throw softballs at him and they delve deep into doctrine particularly the Purpose Driven Life. Before this continues I pray you would all watch the entire thing since there is a possibility that you are committing slander by some of the things written above, and I watched the entire thing and I must say that I had to repent for some judgments that I had. I’m looking forward to your blog concerning that video.


  4. Tawfiq Cotman-El

    Many thanks for stopping by. I briefly looked at your web site and dare say we have much in common. What a joy to read of one saved from the false religion of Islam with such a wonderful testimony of God’s grace!

    In answer to your post – I will not watch a 90 minute video of Piper, much less Piper interviewing Warren. Having read the partial transcript on, I see many “soft-ball” questions, displaying a presupposition on Piper’s part that reflects his infamous statement that Rick Warren is doctrinally sound. Anyone who thinks Rick Warren is doctrinally sound is not doctrinally sound. And, as has been well documented on this blog and many others, John Piper has been leaving many clues that he is “going soft” on some essential doctrines. Both men ought to repent.

    I’ve read both purpose-driven books and written detailed reviews of them. It appears Piper cherry-picked a few statements that, plucked from their context, appear doctrinally sound. But the books – and nearly all of Rick Warren’s teaching – reveal a man who is deceived and deceiving.

    While it can be said of John Piper that he has done much good work for the kingdom, the same cannot be said of Rick Warren.


  5. Manfred

    Thank you for your response and I am honored to be rescued from the filth of sin and Islam to the beauty of Christ.
    You apparently have done FAR more research on Mr. Warren than I have, and so you would be better equipped to know all the ins and outs surrounding the controversy. I was very impressed by the answers that he gave, and the ones that were asked, but apparently I must have missed something. Perhaps it’s because I didn’t have all of the information that you had. I do submit the admonition in Scripture to bear, believe, hope, and endure all things in the name of love. I took his word for it since he said this was his stand on things. I will go to the appraising site, and read what they had to say, but I still don’t believe based upon what I’ve seen thus far and what he does with his church that he deserves such criticism. Again though thank you for your input, and time.

    In Christ Alone,


  6. TawfiQ,

    Deception today has gotten smoother, more refined, more clever, more manipulative, more “Christian” sounding than even as recent as 20 or 30 years ago. Whereas in the past deceivers usually were identified by their clear and relatively easily identifiable heresies and false teachings, now there is a proliferation of false teachers who are well familiar with what Christians hold dear, with what Christians want to hear, and with what has traditionally sent up red flags for Christians. So, knowing these things, they most often proclaim doctrinal sounding truth (to disarm the average Christian’s skepticims and criticism, and thereby gain their trust), and downplay what else they do and teach which is contrary to the Scriptures (which would expose them as the impostors they are), or when necessary re-define such as if it were not really contrary to Scripture at all.

    Thus it’s not just what they say that may indeed sound true and right, but what ELSE they ALSO say and do that must be factored into deciding whether their fruit is truly consistent with The Vine (Jesus Christ), or not. Any bad fruit (teaching or practices which are at odds with God’s word) is indicative that they are not truly of The Vine. And Jesus made it clear that many would call Him Lord, even doing many works in His name, and yet He declares He doesn’t know them at all (they are not His). Why? Because, despite their apparent orthodoxy, even orthopraxy, they are ALSO doing that which is contrary to His word (Matt. 7:21-23).

    In agreement with Manfred, I believe this video was carefully crafted to convince others that Warren is a good guy after all. Problem is, Warren’s fruit (and there is profuse documentation on this) does not support that conclusion. I encourage you to take a serious look at a wealth of documentation the Coram Deo provides on Rick Warren in this post:

    Check this out also:


  7. @Tawfiq Cotman-El

    All Piper did throw at Warren was softballs and many times he bailed him out. If you want to listen to an honest critique of the talk between Piper/Warren,

    Piper Warren Debrief with Phil Johnson

    If you disagree with this critique, let me know, I’m all ears.


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