What’s The Big Deal on Creation?

Many Christians point out that the word “day” in Genesis chapter one can mean something other than a 24-hour day and, therefore, the scientific view that the world is billions of years old can be reconciled to the Scriptures.

But how does one determine when the Hebrew word “yom” means a 24-hour day and when it means an undetermined length of time? As with all interpretation, context is key.

And, as with all Scripture, understanding the authority of God as the ultimate rule of interpretation of His Word and His creation is foundational to everything else.



In this hour long free video from Answers in Genesis, you will see how dangerous it is to play fast and loose with the Word of God and be taught why the “yom” must mean 24-hour day in Genesis chapter 1.

May the Lord God of Heaven be our guide – and not any snake who relies on human “wisdom” to cause us to question His Word.

3 thoughts on “What’s The Big Deal on Creation?

  1. See also: What’s Wrong with the Framework Hypothesis?

    And: The Battle for the Beginning

    In particular John MacArthur’s series brings to bear the finest OT Hebrew scholars who testify that there is not one hint of poetic Hebraic language used anywhere in Genesis 1-3, on the contrary the language employed portrays Genesis 1-3 as a literal, factual, historical account and any other rendering is found to be pure fantasy and rank eisegesis.

    By faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen was not made out of things that are visible. – Heb. 11:3

    Soli Deo Gloria!


  2. Scripture was made by God and as such it’s witness is true.
    Creation was also made by God, and as such it’s witness is also true. (Psalm 19)

    Science is Sinful man’s view of Creation, and therefore it’s witness is not necessarily true.
    Theology is Sinful man’s view of Scripture, and therefore it’s witness is also not necessarily true.

    As an Old Earth Creationist, i believe that Genesis 1-11 is literal, factual, and a historical account of Creation. I also believe it is 100% true.

    When Moses write “YOM” he literally means ‘a period of time’. It isn’t a metaphor or poetry. That is what the word literally means in this context.


  3. JT – The Hebrew word can mean an indeterminate period of time, as it does in so many places. But, as Ken Ham documented in the videos, in all of Hebrew literature – in the Bible and in all known extra-biblical literature – the Hebrew word as used in the Creation record always refers to a normal 24 hour day. The rule is that if yom is used with a cardinal number (e.g.: the first day) or with modifiers describing attributes of a normal day (evening and morning) then its meaning is a normal 24 hour day. This – plus all reasonable interpretation of Scripture and the biblical consequence of sin – makes any argument that the 6 days of creation were ages untenable and antagonistic towards the Word of God.

    If the days of creations were long periods of time, death preceded sin – and this is explicitly contrary to the Bible.


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