What if…?

What if life really evolved over millions and billions of years? If it did, then the Word of God is not actually infallible and inerrant. If it did, then God Himself is proclaimed to be a liar, and further, a god who is a liar would be a non-existent entity.

What if humans are merely another species of animal that has evolved? If we are, again, God’s Word could no longer be trusted. If we are, then we should have no reason to fear death and “the great circle of life.” If we are, then Charles Darwin should be feted with great honor and even worshipped for revealing the truth of who we are to a poor world who for millennium had the audacity to believe God’s Word was true.

What if the Great Flood was actually only something copied from the myths and fables already found in other ancient cultures? If it was, then again, God’s Word is with error for it could not have come from the Holy Spirit. If it was, then mankind need have no fear of the judgment of a God who cannot keep His promise to destroy the wicked. If it was, then the rainbow is merely a quirk of nature, not something given by God as a promise.

What if the children of Israel really are not a people sovereignly protected by the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob? If they are not, they have to be some of the luckiest people in the world. If they are not, their should not be any real outcry if a more highly evolved society determines that a lower society in the chain should be exterminated. After all, isn’t the reality of life that is should be based on the survival of the fittest? If they are not, then the promises and covenants established by an everlasting God hold no value, and if they hold no value, then NO promise and NO covenant is to be held in reverence.

What if the Ten Commandments are merely suggestions dreamed up as society has evolved? If they are, the Ten Commandments would have no true value because they define a morality that did not come from a just and holy God. Killing, stealing, and adultery merely become defined by what each society considers them to be for their people. If they are, then there are no absolutes to control the world in which we live.

What if the Word of God really is just a book compiled by men through the ages instead of a book divinely inspired by a holy and righteous God? If it is, then centuries have been wasted studying a book that should hold no more value than the works of Plato, Homer, or Shakespeare. If it is, then it is full of lies that drive men to worship what they cannot see, to believe what they can never truly know, and to trust in a God that is untrustable.

What if Jesus Christ was merely a good man as taught by many religions?

What if Jesus Christ was merely a good teacher and prophet as taught by the Muslims?

What if Jesus Christ did not provide full atonement on the Cross as taught by the Mormons?

What if Jesus Christ was not the Saviour of mankind?

What if Jesus Christ is not coming again one day in the clouds of glory?

What if Jesus Christ is not the eternal, only begotten Son of God as taught by the JW’s?

What if Jesus Christ must be sacrificed over and over again as taught by the Catholics?

What if Jesus Christ is not the ONLY Way, the ONLY Truth, and the ONLY Life?

What if Jesus Christ never really died and rose again on the third day?

If He did not do these things, if He was not all these things, if He will not perform what the Word of God promises He will, if He is not the ONLY Way to heaven, if He really did not die and rise again the third day, if we truly can have no hope in Christ….



1 Cor. 1:18, “For the preaching of the cross is to them that perish foolishness; but unto us which are saved it is the power of God.”

13 thoughts on “What if…?

  1. If God had not condescended to reveal Himself to us, we would all be hell-bound with smiles on our faces. Until that Great Day, wherein every work, deed, and thought by every human will be judged, weighed in the balance, and found wanting. There will be no place to hide, as even the mountains will tremble.

    So – it is truly a wonderful thing He has done all those things you listed. He cares for His own and we can have confidence in Him. Trust God – He alone is faithful!


  2. Bro. Manfred,

    Thank you for sharing your own thoughts. Yes, we serve an awesome and Almighty God. It is a wonder that He would do anything with us other than send us to an eternity lost forever in our sins. Amazing grace!


  3. Yes, but … He sends nobody to hell. We send ourselves. He merely allows that “free will choice” for all but the elect. It is, for certain, amazing grace that saves all who were chosen by God to be given to Christ as a prize for His obedience, that the redeemed would blaze with the holiness of Christ imputed it us to the glory of His name.


  4. What if we’re wrong? No skin off of our noses…we’ll just become part of the great sea of consciousnesses and flit around for an eternity like some strange thought.

    What if the atheists and agnostics are wrong? They have far more to lose than they can imagine. They spend their live fighting against what they adamantly declare doesn’t exist. Who’s the fool?


  5. The first thought that came to mind reading the first part of the post was “…did God really say?…”, and what came to mind after your final scripture post was “yeah, he did, and I am glad”.


  6. Great thoughts in order to wake us up and appreciate what we have been given!
    Let us continue to “contend for the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jud.1:3)


  7. tjm:

    Most excellent! And the whole issue is encapsulated in 1 Cor.1:18. The Gospel is foolish to those who are perishing, but life-giving to those born from above. How ironic that the fool says in his heart “there is no God”, yet considers the only thing capable of saving him for all eternity as “foolishness”.


  8. Hi The Jungle Missionary,

    Physics shows us that the universe is likely to be about 13.7 billion years old and that the sun is aprroximately 5 billion, the earth about 4.5 billion, and biology shows that humansare about 2 million (homo erectus) with homo sapiens between 100,000 and 200,000 years old. How do these facts square with an inerrant bible?

    Someone has made a huge mistake if the bible teaches that the universe is about 6000 to 10,000 years old with humans being created on the sixth day. it is like saying that the distance between London and New York is less than the size of a cricket pitch (22 yards) and I do not think that it is the scientists. How do you respond to this? Do you hold to the day-age theory or the gap theory or some other theory to reconcile the bible and science or do you believe that the scientists are completely mistaken?

    Perosnally, I go with the view that the bible is a fallible human document and that there are two different accounts of creation in Genesis, namely the Priestly (1:1-2:4a) and the Yahwist (2:4b-2:25).

    John Arthur


  9. John Arthur,

    Thanks for stopping by. I never cease to be amazed that people who want to discredit the Word of God end up having to use words or phrases like: “likely to be about” or “somewhere between”.

    Everything a person believes about the truth of Scripture boils down to one major thought. Either God’s Word is true, infallible, and inerrant, OR God is actually a liar. There is no in-between.

    If somebody has made a huge mistake, then I would say that science is in error, and NOT the Bible. There are many scientists with earned degrees who hold to a literal six-day creation. But there will always be rafts of individuals who the smarter they get, the more they will seek to discredit the Bible. If one can discredit the Bible, then the God of the Bible becomes an entity not worth being concerned about.

    If the Bible is a fallible human document, then God cannot be trusted. It’s that simple.


  10. Hi Jungle Missionary,

    Thanks for your reply. You claim that there are scientists that have earned degrees that support young earth creationism. However, what I notice is that such scientists reject the scientific evidence for the age of the universe, the sun , the earth etc. on the a prioir presupposition of an inerrant bible (in the now missing original manuscripts).

    I know of no scientist in any Australian university who is an expert in physics, geology or biology who holds to young earth creationism.

    The scientists at biologos (who are Christians) accept evolution. and an old universe Your views presuppose the existence of God. It seems that your view is predicated upon a direct identity between the words of the bible and the word of God and , even if we accept God’s existence, it does not necessarily follow that the bible is the Word of God.

    So, although God is truth, if he exists, it does not necessaarily mean that the bible is God’s Word.The bible appears to be a very human word, with contradiction, legends etc. like any other ancient document,

    John Arthur


  11. @John Arthur
    Christians believe the Bible and the Bible states:
    “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:” —2nd Timothy 3:16
    I cannot speak for everyone but as far as I am concerned the above verse is ample (as far as the written word is concerned) but also consider Christianity is about faith. I believe in God. I believe He exists. I don’t have to have testable verifiable evidence to believe in God.


  12. The Jungle Missionary: If the Bible is a fallible human document, then God cannot be trusted. It’s that simple.

    In the Book of Daniel the Bible claims that Darius conquered Babylon and was then replaced by Cyrus. This is blatantly unhistorical. Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon in 587 BCE and was replaced by Cambyses II and then Darius I. The interesting thing about that is that other Biblical writers are aware of this fact.

    In the fifth chapter of Ezra, Ezra’s enemies try to get the Persians to stop the Jews from rebuilding the Temple. So they appealed to the Persian Emperor for help. The Emperor in question was Darius, who went to Ecbatana and found a scroll with a command from Cyrus originating in the first year of his reign that he wanted the Temple rebuilt. This is also problematic, since Cyrus did not conquer Babylon until the 21st year or his reign, so he wouldn’t have been making declarations about construction in Jerusalem his first year.

    Ezra also claims a 22 year delay in Temple reconstruction, which took place during the reigns of Cyrus, Artaxerxes, Ahasuerus, and finally Darius. Except Artaxerxes I was Darius’s grandson. And there was no such king as Ahasuerus. Also, Artaxerxes I is the king who is named in Nehemiah, and we’re given his 20th year as the start of the rebuilding of the wall and his 32nd year as the end. Ezra is mentioned as priest and scribe. Both Ezra and Nehemiah, meanwhile, give censuses of the first returning exiles.

    Ezra says the Temple was finished in the 6th year of Darius. Nehemiah says the wall was finished in the 32nd year of Artaxerxes. Darius’ 6th year was 516 BCE. Artaxerxes’ 32nd year was 433 BCE. That’s a gap of 83 years, which is rather problematic.

    All of this can be explained fairly simply: several different people wrote the various stories in the Bible and got the details wrong, which has left us with a document that is both internally self-contradictory and in opposition to reality. That happens with historical documents all the time and historians just do their best to figure out what account is most accurate based on all the available information. In your all-or-nothing approach to the Bible, however, I’ve just pointed out a huge chunk of the Bible that isn’t actually infallibly correct. So what does that mean for the rest of it?


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