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Who can observe the invitation system today and not see that many are in danger of confusing this practice with coming to faith in Christ? . . . While I was a pastor in New England, our church participated in two [Billy] Graham crusades. We received the names of ten converts from one crusade and six from the other. In our follow-up, not one was interested in church, the Bible, or even talking about his “new-found faith in Christ.” Other pastors reported the same results.

Jim Ehrhard

8 thoughts on “Quotes (928)

  1. When The Wrath of The Holy Living God is a glaring (or even subtle) omission from the Gospel message, as it has been for the majority of the last century, the fruit is demonstrated. Most will shrug their shoulders, because they have not met the God Who Is themselves. An emotional response to the “God loves you” message quickly turns cold – why wouldn’t it, when the only association natural man can make for love is lust?

    How much the desert temptation of Jesus immediately after the baptism is the parabolic pantomime of every (true or not) believer’s salvation process! It is to be not only expected, but to the true believer expected with joy, the Father’s trying and testing that is promised to come. To be given opportunity to demonstrate we will forsake all for His Name, what unspeakable joy this should bring!

    Jesus knew well the hearts of men; so many will find the seed they received to not be what they thought it was, or worse, deceive themselves thinking they have something they do not, many because the so called evangelist never spent the time. For men that have given themselves the title of preacher or evangelist to casually disregard even one soul, how much does the hatred of God burn! What an awesome responsibility we each carry, to be called the children of The Living God – how are we carrying that Name in our lives?

    Great quote Pilgrim.


  2. I think many feel guilty and in order to soothe or pacify that guilt they go for the altar call or the invitation as the ultimate act just as a reminder that “they’re okay”, “they are saved” they did it SEE because after all they went forwards and performed their “ultimate work of humility to God”-Phil 2:6-8…. There’s no one like the lowly Jesus. They never realize that Jesus is the ultimate humility that God accepts not man’s piousness. They never realize that the work of God is this to believe in the one God sent”-John 6:29 and it is finished.


  3. I grew-up in, and until about 15 years ago, attended many churches (mainly Baptist) where an “invitation” was a normal conclusion to the service after the sermon, and normally included singing “Have Thine Own Way” or “I Surrender All” or “Just As I Am” – sometimes more than once if not enough people “responded.”

    As the Lord sanctified me in His Truth, however, and my theology become Reformed, I began to judge the whole “Invitation” methodology as disquieting and generally, disdainful. It’s primarily about approval of the message, if you ask me. It’s a mechanism whereby the speaker can get his ego “stroked” a bit with direct feedback as it relates to his sermon. I hope I haven’t fallen into the “other ditch” now though, as I absolutely refuse to be part of a church which practices this.

    A booklet I highly recommend on this topic is “The Invitation System” by Dr. Iain Murray (Banner of Truth – 1991). It’s only 44 pages, and is a good treatment on the subject.



  4. There are many doctrinal issues that are under attack, but probably none so more important than that of salvation . I think humanism has managed to distort the truth and effectiveness of the gospel that now centres around man.Like Todd [above] , I have ended up where I started , at Reformed theology, and discovered that things that are so prevalent in todays church are scarcely found in the scripture.So what of the invitation system , do we invite Christ into our heart , or is it that God invites us into His kingdom. Do we make a committment to Christ , or is it that Christ commits himself to us.Do we choose to accept Christs forgiveness , or is it that God chose us for forgiveness. Is man the centre of the gospel , or is it that the gospel is all about Christ.
    These questions are critical , because a false gospel results in no salvation.


  5. So, correct me if I am wrong, Ray, but are you saying that salvation requires believing in the Calvinist doctrine of election?


  6. 072591 says:
    February 23, 2012 at 8:07 am

    “So, correct me if I am wrong, Ray, but are you saying that salvation requires believing in the Calvinist doctrine of election?”

    No , what I am saying is that only through the salvation of Christ is someone saved. If a person hears that they are saved if they choose to accept Christ’s forgiveness , then they have not heard the true gospel. If a person believes they are saved because they made a commitment to Jesus , then they have not heard the true gospel. Sadly , every other gospel apart from the true gospel of Christ , portrays Jesus as being far less sovereign ,less divine and less able to save , than what he has declared in His word. Its your choice if you label this the Calvinist doctrine of election , personly, I call it the biblical doctrine of election, because that’s what it is.


  7. Pilgrim, Yes excellent! I had ordered a box full of the book on the dangers of the invitation system. Once received, I have given out many of them, and have received mixed reviews…too bad that some cannot accept even the mildest heads-up on how they “do church” for they “cause their traditions to make His Word of no effect!”

    Do you deny the scriptures by calling them a “calvinist doctrine” with regards to the election of the saints by God? Perhaps you might click and read the link below as a start, friend?
    If you’ve read my comments here in the past, you see that I care little about the writings of dead men preferring the writing of Word of the Living God, though I will admit that there is some little good in reading these men’s works…when they line up with the Word of God.
    Perhaps you would do a search on the “who so ever’s” and enlighten me on how a man can make a decision for Jesus that He would be mandated to respond to the man in a redeeming way? That is 180 degrees from Eph. 2 in context

    I am encouraged by the insight of the rest of those who commented on this post. Thanks for your committment to Truth and for sharing beautifully!


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