The noose tightens a little more.

While we’re all wrapped up in so many distractions, the noose around our necks has just tightened again.

Whether it’s the government raiding an Amish farm for selling raw milk, or the government inspecting lunches brought from the home of public school children to determine if the food is nutritional enough (and again), the government is slowly but consistently encroaching on how we live our lives.

But what about those who don’t drink raw milk or send their kids to government schools? Well, if you think the government’s desire to completely control its subjects (for our best interest of course) is limited to monitoring milk distribution and ensuring your children are eating nutritional lunches, then you are grossly ignorant of not only history, but what’s happening right now.

In Canada, the government is attempting to step inside the homes of its citizens who wish to educate their own children:

“Under Alberta’s new Education Act, homeschoolers and faith-based schools will not be permitted to teach that homosexual acts are sinful as part of their academic program, says the spokesperson for Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk.”

Read the sobering news article here.

One of the many reasons people choose to homeschool their children is to avoid the indoctrination of the Godless, socialist, behavioral engineering centers run by the government, but now the government has decided to take their forced indoctrination to the homeschoolers!

Little by little, step by step, the ominous dark clouds are forming. Anyone with even a cursory understanding of history recognizes where we’re headed. Are you prepared for the coming storm?

HT: Saved by Grace

12 thoughts on “The noose tightens a little more.

  1. Times may get tough…but our God is bigger and mightier. Christian families all over the world suffer this terrible persecution daily….I can take what the gov’t gives…because I rely on no strength of my own…but of His completely. I will be thankful for the days we have been given to worship freely…and when that gets stripped away, I will *still* worship Him…although the cost may be great.


  2. Although it sickens me, it doesn’t surprise me. All in the name of “tolerance” too! Pretty intolerant of them, if you ask me. I doubt this brand of “sensitivity training” will invade the United States to the level of Canada, at least in my lifetime, but again, if it does, it wouldn’t surprise me.

    I’m reminded of Psalm 2…

    Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against His anointed, saying, “Let us break their bands asunder, and cast away their cords from us.” He that sits in the heavens shall laugh…



  3. Great post. I do expect this in the USA in the not too distant future. The NWO will be hostile to Christans. Relish the freedom you have now. There will be an underground church in the future.


  4. If I love people I will continue to tell the truth in love. Homosexuality is sin just like lying or stealing or adultery.
    What is my life on earth. If telling the truth saves just ONE person even if it meant my imprisonment or death, hallelujah I will see that person in heaven. It’s more than worth it for what very little I can do for Jesus Christ is nothing compared to what he did for me. God is good-always and nothing in this world can change that FACT! Praise his holy name forever


  5. I’ve already turned in a DOI to my State Capitol – Speaker of the House. God so moved me… to birth a nation by declaration. Who will join me and trust Jesus to be King?? I”ll die before I will be a subject of the 666 beast system. It’s time to get RELIGIOUS AND radical… LIKE THE REFORMERS BEFORE US.


  6. 12 star.

    His kingdom is not of this world. Sounds like you are a kingdom now fan or a New Apostle Reformation guy. Christian dominionism is a false theology. I urge you to get out of it. Jesus was not a politician and our founding fathers were Diests. Many Freemasons. I love my country but our true citizenship is heaven.


  7. The article closes with 3 points “1 Anyone with even a cursory understanding of history 2 recognizes where we’re headed. 3 Are you prepared for the coming storm?”
    These are the kind of vague statements that have been used by those that merely want to stir up contoversy, engage in propaganda or generally just want to pander to the paranoics,
    1 What history is being referred to? American? European? World? 2 What examples of this history will give an indication of where we are heading and finally 3 What is this “storm” spoken off? Persecution of the Church? A Nanny government? Or what others would merely call a passing breeze?


  8. Remember that Christians were using whatever site they could to encourage votes for Bush? And where did that get everybody, Now we’re getting the vote out for Paul. Do we ever learn?


  9. Merville have you ever done any research on Ron Paul? Have you looked at his voting record? He is nothing like Bush. He is nothing like Ogama, Newt, Mitt, or Rick. There is no point to set around and complain about the direction the country is going if you don’t get out and try to do something about it. I am ashamed that I voted for Bush both times as well as McCain because that is who the media and “Christians” told me who to vote for.

    Don’t be setting around complaining about your rights and freedoms begin taken away when you have done nothing to prevent it.


  10. I feel complimented that you took the time out to engage with me on my comment added to your post.
    One can understand that we have our preferred candidates based on their past performances but should we pass on those preferences on sites such as this? There are so many things that divide us as it is, do we want divisions or potential divisions regarding which candidates to vote for as well?
    I was inundated with missiles for Bush and in hindsight he was possible the worst President the USA ever had. Carter was a Christian, but rather an ineffective President as far as I could make out. Should one not choose the best leader for one’s country who will effectively lead even if he is not a Christian?
    Incidentally I’m a South African living in Johannesburg and brother, have we got problems these days. Like coming out of our ears. Why I was targeted as a potential USA Presidential voter I have no idea???
    Regards and thank you again


  11. My original post had to do with Pilgrim posting about the government restricting peoples rights and freedoms. My original comment was for promoting a presidential candidate that opposed to overbearing government and has consistently voted against it. If Ron Paul was not a Christian I would still vote for him based upon what he stands for and his integrity which can be backed up by his voting record. Ron Paul being a Christian is only a bonus.

    The issue of voting has been brought up on this site before. You can search and find the threads. So yes I would think my post would be relevant. I think one of the contributors on this blog is also a member of Voddie’s church if I remember correctly.

    If things keep going here the way they are you might have some from here in the States join you in South Africa.


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