My own “Quick Question for Mormons”

While we’re on the subject of Mormonism, I thought I would share a pertinent question for Mormons who try to distance themselves from Bruce McConkie’s most famous work.

9 thoughts on “My own “Quick Question for Mormons”

  1. Nice job! But dontcha know that people with seared conscienciouses can hold conflicting ideas in their heads without tension?

    “Good luck” (as if there was such a thing) getting an answer 🙂


  2. I’m not a Mormon, but have asked the exact same question to many of the Mormons in Utah with which I’ve had interaction. Inevitably their answer usually comes back to “well, we receive new revelation through our Prophet and “The Church” so that’s what we adhere to.” It’s the same ol’, same ol’ with this cult as it is with the others. It’s what expedient at the time. Look at the thousands of changes they’ve made to their “Standard Works.”

    Most of the Mormons I’ve spoken with, usually indicate that they get most of their “doctrine” from their weekly “Ward” meetings, “Priesthood” meetings, “Relief Society” meetings, and from the monthly magazine the organization publishes and sends to all members.

    Great question though in the video, and I wish you much success in getting an answer. I’m not going to hold my breath while waiting though.



  3. I’ve never had to deal with Mormons where I live but have had to deal with Jehovah’s Witnesses some.

    That is a great question in that it forces them to be more specific and trying to worm their way out of their false claims. I’m afraid from what I’m reading about Mormons is that they have an excuse that always removes their responsibility of ever being accountable to their beliefs. It’s like trying to nail jello to the wall. It’s lip service used just to save face.


  4. @Linda,

    Speaking with Mormons IS like trying to nail jello to the wall. One question I consistently asked my Mormon co-workers, neighbors, etc. was “How do you ever know what TRUTH is then if you’re devoid of any constants in your teachings?” There was various repsonses offered, but basically all the same thing….”we trust ‘the Prophet’ and the Holy Ghost testifies to us that these things (I guess that means the latest version of things) are true.” Mormonism isn’t a cult for people who question things. It’s truly for people who obey, and do, do, do.

    They’re like hamsters on the hamster wheel. They just run, and run, and run, and run….trying to be seen by their Ward Bishops, or their Ward High Preists, or by their respective “Stake” Presidents as “worthy” adherants. It’s all about peer-pressure and gaining status in the eyes of their fellow cult-members. And all that is tertiary compared to what they’re really seeking, and that’s the smile of their “Heavenly Father” – to please him so that he’ll provide the grace of their “elder spirit brother – Jesus” to their sin-enslaved lives upon their death. Did you get that? They have to earn the grace to save them. Yes ’tis true, and is incredibly sad. They are so sincere, but sincerely lost as well.

    One last thing, and I’m of the belief that the JWs are similar. The Mormons have basically the same vocabulary as Christians have, just an entirely different dictionary.



  5. @todd3588 ,,, great armor piercings todd. Have you ever posed the question pertaining to real life to help them grasp how important it is to know the Truth? It also applies in our everyday lives.

    I mean what if the bank handled our money like Mormons handle the truth?

    For example, I’d ask them the question. If you go to the Bank, you expect them to handle your money with truth and honesty right? What if you get a bank statement in and you KNOW you have $1000 in your checking account and yet now there’s only $50 left? Are you just going to have the same attitude with the TRUTH and just say well “We trust the president and we have that feeling that they are honest”. NO way I’m sure they’d be storming up to the bank and finding out about their money.

    How’s that for relativism? Why is it that people take a relativistic approach when it comes to religious beliefs? Mormons are not being consistent. They are what is called a “selective relativist” especially regarding religion. then certainly don’t live their lives in the real world like this. They need to find out the TRUTH and stop being so credulous


  6. @Linda

    Regarding your question about using life examples….my answer is “absolutely!” I have, times without number, brought examples, scenarios, questions, and daily interactions to their attention. Didn’t matter though. You see….they’re blind to truth, and they therefore can’t see the truth.

    The years I spent in Utah were VERY challenging years. First, the place is not only a physcial desert, it’s a spirtual desert too. There are VERY FEW churches, and Mormonism influences most everything in the State. Most of the churches, which even have a small footprint, are very weak, very seeker-friendly, and very “new evangelical.” Don’t get me wrong, there are a few churches which are large (numbers wise), but they are what you’d expect….see the last sentence.

    The four years I was in Utah, I attended (wasn’t a member) a very small, conservative Presbyterian church (called Grace Presbyterian Church in Layton, UT). It was an OK place to worship, as it followed the Regulative Principle, preached the Bible from a Reformed perspective, and actually had some Christians in attendance! They “moisturized” their babies though. That’s why I couldn’t place membership.

    Anyway, I digress. Bottom line with Mormons (and all other unbelievers), when communicating the “one thing needful,” and I’m telling you something you surely already know, it’s very important to stay “on topic.” Don’t get snookered by their “yeah buts” and “what ifs” and “but what abouts.” The gospel is simple really. We as humans are totally depraved from birth, and we act freely according to our depravity – piling up sin. BUT GOD, being rich in mercy, has made a way for us to be accepted. That’s the gospel, and that’s what Mormons, JWs, 7th Day, RCs, your neighbor, your hairdresser, and the person at Starbucks needs to hear. Of course, in addition to constant prayer on behalf of those to whom we are speaking, we MUST practice the last part I Peter 3:15 as well, and it says “….do it with gentleness and respect…” and I would add “much patience,” particularly with Mormons.



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