Mitt Romney, Brigham Young, and the historic racism of Mormonism.

While some professing Christians are busy blurring the lines between Christianity and Mormonism (see here and here for example), at least the secular media isn’t being hoodwinked by Mormonism’s slick PR campaign.

Case in point: The following video that aired on MSNBC. I do not know who Lawrence O’Donnell is, but hats off to him for his courage to peel back the facade of Mormonism on national television.

And in the event that the inevitable Mormon apologist comes along and attempts to obfuscate Mormonism’s long history of racism with that was just Brigham Young’s opinion, or the LDS church never taught that, or this was an isolated remark taken out of context, or the myriad of other lies used to hide Mormonism’s history, I simply direct your attention to this post where many more racist quotes from Mormon leaders can be read.

14 thoughts on “Mitt Romney, Brigham Young, and the historic racism of Mormonism.

  1. If somehow Romney win the presidency, more Americans will probably be interested in Mormonism, so it’s important to discuss about the history and nature of Mormonism ahead of time as Christians!


  2. Precisely, SlimJim. Those who believe my posts on Mitt Romney have anything to do with politics are very mistaken. Currently Romney is the face of Mormonism for a lot of people and because of his position in politics (presidential candidate), it opens a lot of doors for Mormonism to advance its false gospel. And if he wins it will only further that advancement.

    The above post has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal. I seriously see little difference in either category. But his being asked about his view on blacks in light of Brigham Young’s racism is a big issue which most people would never hear about unless a Mormon in “high places” (presidential candidate) was being asked such a question.


  3. I’m curious what makes Romney’s Mormonism any different than Santorum’s Catholicism, Obama’s Islam and strange breed of false doctrine with racial hatred, Gingrich’s Catholicism, Harry Reid’s Mormonism, others atheism or whatever? I see the Romney is a Mormon discussion everywhere, but nothing on any of these others. All of these others are false doctrines needing exposure, all these are contrary to the truth of the Bible, but they don’t get the focus like Romney does.

    Pilgrim, I believe that your posts are not politically motivated, but by default they fall into that category and cannot be segregated. I do want to ask, however, in your opinion if Romney is elected, then what? Is his Mormonism in the Whitehouse going to be problem bigger than any other non-believer’s presidential term? Will he be the Mormon Missionary in Chief? Is Mormonism somehow worse in the public political lime light than Obama’s equally false Christianity and Islam mix or Santorum’s Catholicism or Joe Blow’s atheism (overt or practical)?

    by grace alone,


  4. ATG,
    Wow, what you just wrote really puts in perspective just how many godless people in false religions lead our country…how much more they need the Gospel, even though I’m sure every one of those people will play the civic religion card, and “God bless America…” line.


  5. When it comes to soul-damning false religion, there really is no difference between the men you cited. But when it comes to exposure and legitimacy in the public eye, there is a huge chasm between Roman Catholicism and Mormonism.

    Remember, Mormonism is still relegated to the dark recesses as a cult in many American’s eyes (and this in spite of their long running PR campaign begun by Hinckley to polish their image).

    Mormonism is still considered the cult that it is by (most?) Americans but a member of said cult elected to the highest office in the land will only serve to legitimize the cult.

    Romanism, on the other hand, is already “legitimized” in the eyes of most of the world already. That fight for legitimacy was waged long ago.

    It’s not wise to ignore the little forest fire in one state because two states over there’s a huge forest fire raging. If you do then you’ll eventually have two huge forest fires to deal with.

    You err when you suggest we have NOT covered these other topics that you mentioned. There are numerous posts on this blog about Romanism, Atheism, and I personally covered Obama’s ties to Jeremiah Wright and his Black Liberation Theology when Obama was running for office.

    And you can bet your bippy (whatever a bippy is it must be of some value to be able to wager it) if a reporter asked Santorum or Gingrich if they believed putting men, women, and children to death for possessing a Bible as their popes did, or if they believe people like you and me are anathema like Rome’s Council of Trent says we are (and a reporter provided commentary on it like the reporter in the above video did), then I would have certainly posted it!

    Furthermore, just like I posted info on Obama’s pro-abortion position a few years back, I’ve also posted on Romney’s staunch pro-abortion position as well (and his flip to pro-life, then his flop to pro-abortion, etc.)

    Right now everyone knows about Obama (we’ve endured 3 years of him so far), and relatively few know much about Mormonism.

    But Mormonism is currently in the spotlight, and people are talking about it, and much of it is because of this man running for president. I’d be remiss not to take the opportunity to present the truth of Mormonism (as this blog has been doing for almost five years) while it is a big talking point.

    But to completely remove Romney from the equation and divorce him from any discussion on Mormonism that his position touches simply because bad publicity might get Obama elected is “playing politics,” and as you know, I don’t play that game anymore.

    I understand why evangelical Christians will overwhelmingly support Romney and I do not fault them or hold ill will toward them for doing so.

    With all that said and voters once again only given two evils to choose from, would I rather see Romney in office over Obama? Sure. I’d have a little more confidence in him than Obama (although they’re all just puppets anyway and our confidence should solely be in God alone, not man), but my preference to see Romney over Obama in the Oval Office does not preclude me from commenting on Romney when it pertains to Mormonism. Otherwise I’d be just as bad as the major media outlets who–because of their preference of Obama–simply won’t touch the scandal of his counterfeit birth certificate.


  6. Mormons believe in Lying for the Lord” which refers to lying to protect the image and belief of the Mormon religion. They teach and seriously believe that they are God’s kingdom and that they will take over the United States political system. American democracy will be replaced by a Mormon theocracy to reign forever. They will rule the world from the New Jerusalem which is in Missouri. They also believe that it is alright to lie and cheat non-Mormons in order to accomplish this.
    Does this mean that he can’t be a, capable leader of our nation? Is he any worse than a lying, philandering Bill Clinton or a lying Ronald Reagan who didn’t have a clue what it meant to be born again or an Obama that hasn’t doesn’t understand or believe in the Bible. In genral no. But with Romney there is a big difference that seperates him from the others. he takes his beliefs much more seriously than most of them. This could make him more dangerous.
    We make a graqve mistake when we pin our hopes on an individual or a political party. God has often used Godless men and women to bring about good. Let’s put our trust in him


  7. Pilgrim,

    You state you position well and make good points. I agree with you and appreciate the clarifications as they address your goals with these posts. I think there is still a unbalanced (and I mean everywhere not just Defcon) focus in the general public on Romney’s Mormonism compared to others. However, I agree with you that this is the place for the discussion on the doctrine of Mormonism.



  8. Pilgrim–bippy I love it. I hope you don’t mind if I add it to my vocabulary words and use it anyways for whatever reasons it seems to accommodate

    And yes you stated your position as a good soldier should in Jesus Christ-


  9. Ken:
    Yes, I’m also aware of early Mormonism’s view of the governemnt and these LDS ideals may be featured in a future post.

    Thanks for understanding.

    A bippy is good, but a sweet bippy is even better!


  10. Excellent post Pilgrim! As a former mormon, and one who was saved by grace in my early twenties, I’m extremely conflicted about Romney. I agree that his presidency would have the result of legitimizing the cult in the eyes of many. I’m still prayerfully considering who I’lll vote for this fall.

    I was talking to my pastor the other day about a sermon he preached on the sovereignty of God after Obama was elected and how the same principle applies here. If Romney is sworn in in 2013 it is only because it is God’s will.

    I for one am grateful for the the current heightened scrutiny on the Mormon church during this election season. It is our job to shine the light of truth on the damnable false religion so that many who are lost, and have doubts, might be saved.


  11. Exmo,

    Amen, friend. No matter what happens God has sovereignly ordained it and we’ll joyfully submit to our Gov’t as obedience to God alone. We can have great comfort in another term with President Obama or Romney because we know God is in control. We are responsible to be good citizens, follow the law, preach the gospel, engage the community, egage the Gov’t, etc…but it is still in God’s plan…even if things get really bad either way.



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