Would You Please Watch This and Consider Sharing It?

In recent weeks, I have been making efforts to effectively use social media to share the gospel with people online. While my efforts are meager, I pray that God would bless them and perhaps lead even one person to salvation through them. To that end, would you please take the time to watch the video below and share it with someone you know? I pray that this simple message would cause people to stop and think about where they stand with God. Thank you.

6 thoughts on “Would You Please Watch This and Consider Sharing It?

  1. Hi Chris
    I also wouldn’t like to be seen as either petty or just a plain nit-picker.
    Is this your first step towards tele-evangelism? (Just teasing).
    But as you come across very well don’t you think that you would be more effective one-on-one where you can get re-action and see the body language? I’d think this might be your forte; especially if you knew the recipient of your message however remotely.
    Hope to hear your response.


  2. Ad Chris
    Well you’re a far, far braver and obedient man than what i am.
    We trust that the Lord will bless your efforts most abundantly


  3. Who are you speaking to?

    You start off by saying “hi guys, ….?”

    It seems to me it depends on who your audience is that you are asking this qualified question to, a question like that to know if it is an importance question.

    I know plenty of people who would not argue with you immediately if you asked them if they were a “good” person. The importance of the question depends on the audience you are asking the question. I also know people who would immediately argue with you about being good.

    Who is your audience? I would narrow it down defining that answer.

    Also, I am assuming this outreach is narrowed in scope in your mind as well? What do I mean?

    Well reviewing the video I noticed you make reference to the Bible as you are speaking implying your listener knows what you are referring to. I would go back and remove the references.

    You are assuming the one listening to you knows about the Ten Commandments.

    I doubt a true blue atheist would buy into your basis of Truth. And also someone who has never heard about God or the what is written in the Bible.

    You ask, “are we good enough”? How does someone who is in darkness even begin to answer that question?

    Again, I am thinking about the audience who will watch your video. You plan on using this video presentation as a media tool on the internet so I am wondering who would go past this first few moments watching it before clicking the off button?

    Are you a good person may be a “good” question for some, but I doubt it would be something others would consider a good question?

    Remember no one knows who Christ is and what God’s purpose in sending Him into the world until God chooses to reveal Him.

    Part of your explanation is good. Other parts of it seem unnecessary. Some of it appeals to ungodly and ignorant of the Word of God. Some of it appeals to those who have some knowledge of God and Jesus and the moral laws, the Ten Commandments.

    I would tailor it to one or the other not both,

    Where I think you are strong in this presentation is bringing in the Law letting the Law speak, especially from the Words of Jesus about murder, adultery, being a liar, etc.

    How do we know we are immoral according to your terms? The best way, it seems to me is to quote the Law and let the Holy Spirit convict according to His Words.

    I will relate a real story that helped me stop assuming the person or people I am talking to know something about Christ and what the Bible teaches.

    In my community we were foolish and did the every home for Christ crusade a number of years ago. We financed an “Evangelist Pastor”, paid full time to take our people through some training in how to do door to door witnessing. We developed brochures and pithy tracks. And we divided up our city into sections. We literally went to “every” address three times, knocked on the door and gave a short questionaire orally and handed the person standing at the door our brochures and tracks if they would accept them. Of course some rejected out of hand anything we had to say or give, closing the door on us. Nevertheless we went to every home for Christ three times.

    One day I took my two young sons to the park. It was sunny out, summertime and Mommy needed a break. So off we go. While my sons are there playing on the swings and other things a group of children and a 16 year old came to where we were. They children and this 16 year old were brothers and sisters of a large Mung family relocated to the United States from Cambodia. While this 16 boy sat next to me on the park bench his brothers and sisters began playing on the swings and other things and my sons.

    I began asking him his name. He could speak good English. I asked him how long he had been living in the United States and particularly here in my town? He said arrive about 8 years before. So I then asked him if he knew anything about the Lord Jesus. He looked at me very funny. I asked him if he had remembered some people coming to his house several times a year or so before now that I knew he had lived in the house for the last 8 years.

    He first said he didn’t know anyone by the name of “Lord Jesus” and no, he didn’t remember anything about anyone coming to his house giving a talk about this “Lord Jesus” or giving any brochures or tracks to anyone in his house.

    That is just one example of “me” assuming my audience would know something about who Jesus is or that the person at the door of his house took the time afterwards to share the brochures and tracks with others of that household.

    Well, I have listened to your video now twice and that is what I come up with to share with you.

    I hope it was helpful?


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