Sermon of the Week: “The Sovereignty of God”

The clarion call of the mush-mouthed preachers of lies that please the flesh is “God is love!” – as if almighty God was a one-dimensional character who is simpering in inability masquerading as “love”. The Creator and sustainer of all things is complex beyond our ability to comprehend. He is holy and His love is not captive by the creature. His love is primarily directed to and for Himself. We who are redeemed are loved with an everlasting love that God has set upon His elect – that we would shine the light of His Truth for the glory of His name.

God is sovereign, not trapped by a Greco-Roman perspective of human love that we may project upon our image of God. We must submit our mind to the Word of God and embrace what He has revealed – about Himself and us.

I don’t know the man preaching this sermon, but it will be good for your soul; and the glory of God.

11 thoughts on “Sermon of the Week: “The Sovereignty of God”

  1. This is excellent Manfred. I wholeheartedly agree. I’ve met many a Christian who blames the devil for all the evil in their lives and fails to realize that God is in complete control and that he really does “work out all things together for the good of those that love him.”

    I’m glad there’s a name for this as I didn’t realize that it’s called “dualism”. taking notes and haven’t finished listening it’s so good.. Thanks so much


  2. “We who are redeemed are loved with an everlasting love that God has set upon His elect – that we would shine the light of His Truth for the glory of His name.” Great statement!!
    This is such a timeless message! (and very funny when necessary) When will “most Christians” understand this biblical truth that is… God’s sovereignty?


  3. Manfred, of course God my Father is Sovereign. What sensible and real covenant son would think or act otherwise?

    Oh….wait. What was I thinking?

    Sure, there are many ‘Christian converts’ who would question such a thing. My mistake. I forget that God’s Love, (or their version of God’s Love which isn’t love at all but that being God is a doormat and a sissy), has somehow superceded His Holiness, Power, Sovereignty, and basic Awesomeness. Remember, it’s all about Love, Love, Love, and Jeeezus doesn’t want anyone to go to Hell so we are all gonna be saved, no matter what! Woo-hoo!

    Just a note: You might want to change the spelling of ‘Sovereingty’ to Sovereignty. It matters.


  4. I listened to the rest of it and it validates what God taught me one day a few years ago. I didn’t grasp that truth of the sovereignty of God— that everyone who is in your life is because God has placed them there to work on my character and make me more christlike and more obedient to him so that I would know His Joy. Until one day -God granted me understanding of this precious truth and the light bulb came on. I cannot tell you what a huge burden lifted from me and what praises and worship flowed to the LORD from my heart.. I learned a very important truth that set me free. This message backs up what happened to me a few years back and that I was not imagining anything but actually trusting in the LORD.


  5. Many thanks for the encouraging comments – and for the correction on my spelling 🙂 To God be the glory – man can’t spell correctly! (At least, this one.)


  6. I have tried the link a few times but it isn’t recognized…?

    Although I haven’t listened to the message yet, Linda, I feel the same as you (it’s such a beautiful truth to understand) and appreciate what you wrote in your comment above! 🙂


  7. Thank you for posting this sermon…I so enjoyed this – where can we find more from this preacher of the word?


  8. samae – I saved that sermon a couple years ago and was unable to find out who the preacher is when I set up to post it here. This is as it should be, I think: our focus is to be on the Lord and not His servants, no matter how well they serve Him. I would like to know who this preacher is, but am content to have heard this message he was blessed to bring us. For the glory of our God and the good of His people.


  9. If you are in total acceptance of “The Sovereignty of God” then to bring up this matter show uncertainty.
    It’s like saying the sky is blue don’t you all agree, so let’s talk about it.


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