Men on modesty.

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  1. This video needs to be heard by every male and… female within the sound of my keyboard! I’ve never heard it put any better!!


  2. One of the first things I noticed when I visited what is now “my church” was that NONE of the females were dressed as trollops. It was a SAFE place for a guy to be. And then there was that whole Christ centered, biblically based worship and life thing 🙂

    There is no end to the sinful desires of our flesh while we yet inhabit these tents of flesh. But praise be unto our God and Savior – He has saved us (our minds are yet sinful but no longer depraved) and we can say NO! to sin; yet we all too often allow it into our hearts. Yet us cast off the sin that so easily entangles us and PRESS ON toward the prize that will not tarnish, by the power of the Holy Spirit and for the glory of our God and Christ.

    And amen and thanks be to God for women who dress modestly and are all the more beautiful therein.


  3. Pilgrim,

    Thanks for sharing. I CJ Mahaney is one of my all time favorite preachers and his series and preaching on modesty is awesome…same for the Al Martin one you posted. Vital for men and women in the church to hear.

    This can become a hot issue and can get ugly. I want to encourage us all to be careful not to EXPECT and ASSUME those who attend our church to know this stuff and be dressing modestly just because WE have learned it. Many are in need of teaching and leading and guiding so that they understand and can repent and change the way they are dressing. The world has infiltrated so deeply in the church that these things have been lost. It is our duty to lovingly teach others (men, women, and children) of these things, while being gracious and forgiving and shepherding.

    in Christ,


  4. This message would imply that Christian men can not control themselves and basically be unable to visit a beach or a pool where he would be exposed to a woman wearing a modest bathing suit.


  5. Amen, ATG! Thank you for that comment. You are right in that we must be gracious, forgiving, and seek to shepherd those in our care no matter where we may be serving in the fields white unto harvest! Liberia is a hotbed of immorality right now, even though many claim to know Christ. Immodest dress is standard fare here and during the week, the dress standards go even further downhill with some of them resorting to VERY improper attire.


  6. I disagree with you, David (no surprise). The message implies that men are tempted by visual images and both men and women have responsibilities in how we live. It’s not a simple matter of women dressing “right” – or else Islam would have the answer. Lost women cannot be expected to understand the issue and Christian men must discipline themselves. Christian women can and should learn the God-honoring morality of inner beauty and Christian men should be thankful when they do.


  7. Thanks Pilgrim for your excellent recommendation! This is passion in preaching; absolutely staggering!!

    I have to say that after hearing this message I am in complete agreement with my conscience that “I” must… prayerfully… make certain changes in my thinking if I am to honor our Holy God in the way he rightfully deserves! Just because I’m happily married and somewhat advanced in age (66) doesn’t mean my “visual” libido has completely diminished!

    May the Lord help each of us, male and female and without respect to age, apply the principles taught in this outstanding sermon. As Christians, we “must” be different, before each other and… before the world!


  8. David, I need to ask a very blunt question. If you are married, how comfortable would you be with your wife walking around in full view of all your neighbors in her underwear? I certainly would not be in favor of my wife being in that position. Yet, we add some stripes, a few pieces of frills, or whatever – change the name from underwear to bathing suit and somehow manage to convince ourselves that it is “modest.” Every curve of a woman’s body is made evident for the lustful enjoyment of all men who have decided not to make a covenant with their eyes (Job 31:1).

    And to add further, I would say that it would be FAR better for a true believer to NOT visit a beach or a pool if he is going to have his eyes (and heart) exposed to what will be present, namely, a great deal of naked flesh!

    Something else to consider – would you be comfortable allowing dozens of men and young men to feast their eyes on your daughter (if you have a daughter) with the wicked imaginations of their heart? I have two daughters and the answer would be a thousand times, “NO!”


  9. @David,
    I agree with part of your last post. Allow me…..I disagree that CHRISTIAN men cannot control themselves, but I do partially agree with the latter part of your statement. You see, as a Christian man, I know my own heart. I know that if I were to put myself into the realm of a swimming pool and/or beach, my eyes would start to wonder and my mind wouldn’t be far behind – modest bathing suits or not.

    Honestly, I think you’ve missed the whole point of the video clip. The clip is addressing Christian women – encouraging them to be modest in dress so the men with which they worship and fellowship aren’t placed into mental positions where they’re hindered to both.

    I have a 15-1/2 year-old daughter, and she’s not just gorgeous to me, she’s gorgeous to other people as well (she takes after her Mom, and yes, I sleep with a shotgun under my bed). We, as her parents, have, her whole life, endeavored to teach her, guide her, assist her, and encouraged her to realize beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears God is to be praised. It’s very tough, I’m not going to lie to you. Today’s “fashion” trends are terribly immodest, for the most part, and our sex-enslaved culture contributes greatly to women flaunting themselves every single day.

    The church, however, should be a safe place men to escape the world and its associated “hooker-like” fashions. I would encourage you, as you read through the comments on this specific thread, to withhold your anti-Christian viewpoints, and instead listen with an open-heart and an open-mind. After all, you know that the things we Christians speak/type here are absolutely correct, God-honoring, and without a doubt most beneficial for society as a whole.



  10. Good message overall, and truthfully spoken. Every Christian man knows it is his own responsibility to be dead to himself, to take authority over his eyes, mind and heart, bringing it all unto captivity to Christ. And he must admit he cannot blame a woman’s dress for his own thoughts. There is a complexity in just how “love”, “attention” and male/female relationships (not just sexual) have their part in this issue. We guys can all get together and identify about shared struggles as a man, but I wonder what Christian women think of this message, presented from a man’s viewpoint, and honestly, not fully understanding the woman’s struggles, viewpoint, desire to be loved and accepted, and just wearing what is comfortable for them. Any thoughts, sisters?


  11. @David, I am extremely thankful for any women that dress modestly at work, at the store, at and at church because my dark heart struggles with the littlest things. Do I have self control? Yes. Do I fall at temptation sometimes, ah…ya. So, it is a partnership…we need to do this together.

    @RS, My wife has listened to both the CJ and Al Martin sermons (and the Caroline Mahaney women’s one as well) and is 100% in full support and has stated that it is greatly beneficial to hear and helps her understand.

    In Christ,


  12. Hi Junglemissionary, I suppose it would bother me if my wife were to wear a bathing suit outside my home but at a beach it is the norm. And if at the beach I suppose I would feel pity for a man who’s unable to control his thoughts leading him to lust. The only way I can preach control is by being in control no matter what. Is running away going to lead me to perfection?
    Hence if what you’re saying is the course of action then we have better join the Amish.


  13. David, thanks for your reply. However, just because something is the norm doesn’t make it right. Nobody says that modesty is in the realm only of the Amish. The issue is what we are presenting before a lost and dying world. When the young people from our churches (and yes, even older people) are spending time in scant clothing, it is highly hypocritical to try and preach that we have need of proper clothing standards in the church setting.


  14. @David, I’m having a hard time understanding this line you wrote:

    “The only way I can preach control is by being in control no matter what.”

    What do you mean by you being in control no matter what? Are you suggesting you have no lust and your self-control has reached perfection?

    Also, are you suggesting that women should not be concerned with dressing modestly or concerned with how it affects men? Do you not agree with Paul’s statement here to dress respectable and modest and not like a prostitute:

    [9] likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire, [10] but with what is proper for women who profess godliness—with good works. (1 Timothy 2:9-10 ESV)

    I’m just curious to have a deeper understanding of what you are getting at.

    in Christ,


  15. I think the responsibility lies with both men and women. If men are having that much trouble walking around women, then they need to work on guarding their minds. I once took my teenage niece somewhere, appropriately dressed. Two men looked at her like she was lunch. I chastised them publicly.

    With that said, I agree wholeheartedly that women need to dress more modestly. Us “old ladies” need to teach the younger women how to be modest. And the clothes marketed to young girls! It’s awful!


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