Sermon of the Week – Crisis of Faith and the Goodness of God by Brian Borgman (Part 3)

Crisis of Faith and the Goodness of God – Part 3 of 4

by Pastor Brian Borgman.

Continuing on this week with part 3 of this 4 part sermon series. If we haven’t had a Crisis of Faith yet in our walk with God, we will someday. Pastor Brian addresses the heartache and struggles in this encouraging and edifying sermon series from Psalm 73. Enjoy Part 3 of 4 as this week’s Sermon of the Week.

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Pastor Brian’s Church: Grace Nevada

One thought on “Sermon of the Week – Crisis of Faith and the Goodness of God by Brian Borgman (Part 3)

  1. I have been a Born Again Christian for 31 years. I am now 66 years old. In that time, I was on fire for the Lord and read everything I could get my hands on that was biblical. I tried various churches and Denominations and discovered that God wasn’t present in many of them. Some Pastors, watering down the Word of God, would present a cozy fuzzy happy warm serman with little substance. Everyone felt happy when they left. But God’s Word was somehow lost in the presentation. I could feel nothing when I walked through the doors. I came in and was ignored as I sat in the back or middle row. Why was I here? Who were these people?
    I came searching for GOD. Looking for people filled with the Holy Spirit who genuinly cared about me and others. Here I was in a crowded church where the people came to go through a duty every Sunday. Oh yes, it was a great social time. What happens to these people when they leave?
    During the week, I saw several congregants involved in perverted or illegal activities. I worked a long side of someone who didn’t lift a finger when a student was in need. I was upset to hear about so many women and girls getting rid of their unborn children as if they were just a bother that they didn’t want to deal with. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears. What was happening? These same people were in Church, singing and praying. But once beyond the church walls, lived a life that was, dispicable in, actions, thoughts, and words before the Lord. Some were pious, and true Christians, but made no effort to practice what they were taught. When people are around us, they should see that we are different in a good way.
    Being a Christian doesn’t mean that much in today’s society. We are often not taken seriously or respected. We have leaders who are taking God out of our schools, off money, TV, Radio, newspapers and books. We are becoming victoms in society. We have always delt with some of this, but not to this exstent as we see when our own President violates and wants to change our Constitution. It is about time that the People of this country, especially God’s people, stand up and be counted. We need to voice our opinions, vote in the best people Who have our Heavenly Father’s Will, and Word in mind. That will base their agenda on what will stabalize our economy in the best manner, not to harm. We can’t stand by and let government control every minute of our lives. We are being watched. Government is busy taking God out of everything. Chaplains can’t use the Lord’s name in the Military. Crosses on grave stones are being removed, students not allowed to pray on school grounds ( at lunch), Many College Prefessors have insisted that God doesn’t exist and if you disagree, you may fail the class. Government is trying to take GOD off our money, The Ten Commandments removed from Court Houses.. There are so many cases where God is being eliminated. We are under attack by Satan and all un believers.
    Just think about the impact we would have if all Christians came together as Born Again and helped humanity. What a wonderful world we would have. But unfortunatly nearly half of all so called Christians are not saved. They haven’t changed their unholy ways.

    The Crises is that we call ourselves Christian but non-Christians can’t tell us a part from them. Or they may say, “Is that what being a Christian is? I don’t want any part of it”. We are supposed to mimic Christ in our thoughts, words, and actions. We shouldn’t sit in a chair on Sundays and take up space if we don’t plan to do anything with what we learn. It doesn’t take much to talk to a person who is upset. pray with or for that person, listen to what is going on and help where you can. It might be just a hug, a word of encouragement or information they might need. We as a species were designed and created by God to continue His work until the Rapture. We will be
    made accountable for the people we could have influenced, but didn’t, because we didn’t have time.
    I finally did find a wonderful church. It is small, but when you walk in, you can actually feel the
    love there. All sorts of people were shaking hands, hugging and smiling. All through the service and afterwards I felt at home. I have been at this church now for 4 years. We don’t sit around just reading the bible, we go out to the community to work. We are there where the needs are. It is a great feeling to give back to the community.

    We who really believe in God’s Word need to follow His teachings and share the Gospel with others. When we are forgiven our sins( that includes Adam’s sin of disobedience from God, that everyone inherited down through the ages, and any thought, actions or words that were sinful),
    we are filled with The Holy Spirit, that guides us in life. Our country was founded on the principles that The Bible Teaches. ” One Nation Under God”, ” In God we trust”. Who or what are we trusting in, in this Country and World where we live?



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