Is Jesus Culture Just Another Christian Band?

Following one of our recent posts on the Passion 2013 conference, one of the issues that came to light is the concern over the worship group “Jesus Culture.” This group has grown immensely in popularity among evangelical youth. Yet many are not aware of the fact that they originate out of the Bethel Church in Redding, California which is known for its false teachings about signs and wonders and is part of the heretical “New Apostolic Reformation” movement. The following video does a very good job exposing the background of Jesus Culture and why discerning Christians should be very concerned about them. Please take the time to watch and learn.

21 thoughts on “Is Jesus Culture Just Another Christian Band?

  1. “Is Jesus Culture Just Another Christian Band?”

    As if that would be ok? To be an average christian today is to be an apostate.

    God bless you Christ.


  2. Ezekiel 3:17-19 “Son of man, I have made you a watchman for the house of Israel; therefore hear a word from My mouth, and give them warning from Me: When I say to the wicked, ‘You shall surely die,’ and you give them no warning, nor speak to warn the wicked from his wicked way, to save his life, that same wicked man shall die in his iniquity; but his blood I will require at your hand. Yet, if you warn the wicked, and he does not turn from his wickedness, nor from his wicked way, he shall die in his iniquity; but you have delivered your soul.

    Thank you for the warning Chris.


  3. Thank you Chris for this post. I have grandsons that are listening to this stuff. I have sent them a link to this video with my prayer that the Holy Spirit will use it to reveal His Precious Everlasting Truth.


  4. With a sense of humiliation humbly I can say I’ve experienced Rodney Howard Brown’s “spirit” manifestation and had occasion to come under the tutelage of a first generation disciple of Kathryn Kuelman and was an adult visitor at one of those youth gatherings at Bethel Redding. I have friends who are currently on staff at Bethel Redding and IHOP in Kansas City.

    I have been used of God and saw healing power and miracles and wonders as He was doing a sanctifying work by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    There is a lot I’d like to share but I’m on my iPhone using one finger so it is difficult.

    I will address some things, two maybe three things I came away with watching that excellent video that uncovers what it is behind this movement which really isn’t new just in a modern motif repackaged for these days to trick and allure the Elect from Christ.

    First, regarding the claim we are three parts by the Potter’s House preacher who doesn’t find anything wrong with a chicken wing after being used to manifest miracles. The Bible teaches that we are four part beings. We were born with all four except that our spirit is dead and remains dead until transformation and regeneration makes our spirit alive conjoined to Christ by the Will and purpose and power of God. We are “made alive” conjoined to Christ by Our Heavenly Father, see Eph. 2:5 & Col. 2:13.

    In the New Testament we see four Greek words that brings this out that we are four beings. We are “flesh”/sarx. We are “body”/soma. We are “soul”/psuche. And we are “spirit”/pneuma.

    What stirs up the “soul” as we see souls being stirred up manifested by the various examples in the video is a “spirit” but not the Holy Spirit. The spirit comes touching our “flesh” stirring up the emotions of the body that manifests through the soul. This is sensory in nature and God has nothing to do with it but allow the spirits liberty. I would note gaining an understanding of this by considering Deuteronomy 13:1-3.

    By contrast, remember that the True Believer is “indwelt” by the Spirit of God and a temple of The Lord (2Cor. 6:16) and when there is a true Holy Spirit manifestation it is spiritual generally not stirring up your flesh. Certainly when the Holy Spirit works through your “being” a four part being you’ll know it is The Lord and bear witness to that work of the Holy Spirit. There won’t be any doubt nor confusion about it and there will clearly be True edification to the recipient as well as to you and others who may be present.

    In all the times I have been used as an instrument for this sort of blessing rarely was it among a multiple in nature. It generally was a one time singular event and definitely unexpected by me. I was not calling down the power of God. Most of the time I was being requested to pray for someone’s particular need.

    Clearly the devils who with their agents, men, are manifesting false indicators or signs and wonders to gain a measure of control to distract us from what truly is a manifest blessing from The Lord! There is always high emotions expressed when these spirits manifest.

    Bezel333 has always done a good job exposing the false whether it was regarding hermeneutics or this sort of disgraceful stuff in the video!


  5. Not everyone is perfect in their theology. There are false teachers. Also, there are mainline popular preachers that are off on their teaching, and maybe they are too legalistic or too charismatic. Beedle333 sounds arrogant, his mannerisms and tone is really cocky. Wow. Not sure who he is, never seen or heard him before. He is obviously slanted on the more legalistic side of things. It isn’t rocket science that non charismatic and charismatic don’t have the same views. I could lump a bunch of his “favorite” preachers together, snip videos to make my point about how they were wrong too. It is similar to the people who only use certain scriptures to prove their point or justify their wrongs or pompousness. There are some things that he brings out that are beliefs or things said which aren’t exactly correct by the individuals noted. Wesley and Calvin agree, “Calvinists” don’t agree with anyone, not even Calvin. The era of YouTube and 15 minutes of fame by ripping apart character so you can look holy is irritating. I have more to say about Christians dividing Christians but don’t have time. There is nothing more that God hates than Christians dividing each other.


  6. [quote]There is nothing more that God hates than Christians dividing each other.[/quote]

    Would you care to support that with something from the Bible? I encourage you to compare your statement with God’s warnings and commands in the Bible against false teachers, false prophets, wolves, etc.


  7. I had attended an AOG church for 22 years. The AOG may denounce WOF as heresy but it is rampant within the AOG churches. God opened my eyes to the NAR (Bethel, etc.) about 2 years ago. I talked to one of the main pastors about my concerns and they said the Assemblies really didn’t have any control over its pastors unless they do not agree with the Tenants of Faith. At this point in this particular church, a “SOZO healing room will be opening up sometime in the near future.) I changed churches but see it creeping in through the new form of worship that is being adopted.

    My question: I just received the Voice of the Apostles 2013 Conference & Expo brochure. I see “Third Day” will be performing along with Jesus Culture. How many of our current worship bands are being pulled into this movement?

    P.S. There is a new book suggested by The Berean Call entitled “Wandering Stars” by Keith Gibson (Contending for the Faith with the New Apostles and Prophets). It is a very informative read (to say the least)!

    Thank you for any information you can provide me.


  8. It is a disputable doctrine that the charismatic gifts no longer operate, including prophesy. Nor could any such genuine prophecy contradict the Bible. According to Romans 14 we are not to quarrel over such matters. There are plenty of dubious doctrines embraced even by mainstream evangelicals, such as the pre-trib. rapture, or replacement theology and so forth.

    While I believe that word of faith and dominionism is clearly in error, I see nothing wrong with Bethel’s statement of faith. So this puts us in a quandry. Bob Jones and the Kansas city prophets have been discredited. Bob Jones was removed due to sexual impropriety. The Bible says to have nothing to do with these type of men. Yet I also believe there are sincere and saved spirit filled men and women in the Bethel church.

    With all due respect, your approach to this sensitive topic is off base. You come off sounding arrogant and snide. You condemn without real substance. This will appeal to people who already agree with you, but not to those who are caught up in this error.

    Sure show people barking like dogs, and looking like fools with holy laughter, but it would be a lot better to actually deal the truth in love. Go into the real doctrinal errors of dominionism and word of faith. Do so gently, for those caught up in this error. Just my 2 cents.


  9. Matt, I’m curious. You applied Romans 14 to cessationism/continuationism. Who do you believe is the “stronger” brother, the cessationist or the continuationist? Who is the “weaker”? Perhaps Romans 14 isn’t really talking about this kind of difference….

    I haven’t seen the statement of faith, but even if there is nothing wrong with it, I’m not sure what that proves. There is a long history of organisations having better statements of faith than what they actually teach and practice. There may well be sincere and saved people in a church, but that has been true of many churches which teach error.

    I totally agree that we should be gentle in rebuking error (II Timothy 2:24-26). There may be differences about what “gentle” looks like. Jesus was gentle, but if someone speaks like He did in Matthew 23 they will have many critics.


  10. Matt, first let me say thank you for stopping by and commenting. Let me start my response by saying that there is in fact a clear difference between clear thinking charismatics (those who are continualists, yet solid on the core essentials of the faith) and those who teach falsely and abusively focus on signs and wonders. People like Bill Johnson, Bob Jones and others attached to the Bethel movement are not clear thinking charismatics. They have consistently preached a false gospel that teaches all born again Christians must manifest signs and wonders as evidence of their faith. Additionally, they do not submit to scripture alone as God’s revelation to us, but so called manifestations of “God’s glory” which have no basis in scripture.

    As far as Bob Jones is concerned, the false gospel “vision” he reports in the video also utterly disqualifies him. He claims that he saw people lined up to meet the “gods” they worshipped in this life (completely false as scripture teaches us we either are condemned straight to hell for our sins, or we are present with the Lord if we are redeemed in Christ). He also said the only question those belonging to Christ were asked was “did you learn to love?” Also completely false. We will not be asked such a question on that day. We either will be accepted on that day because we have been bought by the shed blood of Christ, this being made righteous by His perfect work, or we will be condemned to Hell. Our “love” cannot save us. We are either rebels against God, thus lovers of ourselves, or we are born again of God, thus made new creatures and given the ability to love Him, which we never could do before. Bob Jones is a false teacher, thus he must be marked as such.

    You say that such an article is not loving, yet I can think of no greater love than to warn the sheep that there are wolves in their midst seeking to devour them.


  11. I am so thankful that you have shared that there are wolves in sheep clothing. Especially as a woman, we can get “caught up” in our emotions. We are to fear God, that is hard to do in this movement. There is a lot of arrogance with this and false judging. I have found myself surrounded by these types of personality in the last few years, I see it creeping in the Baptist churches through the music and it is so predictable. Then they argue, preacher leaves, etc. I have just listened to the “Strange Fire Conference Series” by John MacArthur and it opened my eyes firstly which is how I searched and found this website. He mentions the Jesus Culture. I had only been listening about a week to them and I can’t get the songs out of my head, We as Christians need to stay grounded. 1st Peter 3:15. I haven’t been in church for a few years and need prayer to go back. I have had to leave so many over the same thing that I gave up. I have been so affected by all of this and I work in ministry so I don’t talk about it and keep all of this in. This really needs to be talked about and exposed. Thank you.


  12. Julie, thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Yes, there is great danger in what the true church of Jesus Christ is facing in this 21st century, and I do not expect it will get any better.


  13. thank you for this. I love the music and I went to last years and this years conference :/ Last year I really benefited from-somehow? I think it’s because I have fallen in love with God and I was worshiping Him for all He has done, but as I learn more from His word, red flags went up this second conference. It was sad to see they don’t teach His word and do a lot of stretching of the Word 😦 Do you believe the music should not be listened to as well? It seems safe? What about Hillsong United-I’ve heard some concerns about them as well. Oh man, this really makes it tough for those of us who are still learning from the Word.


  14. Well done, thank you for producing and helping to keep the Church aware of the inherent dangers in seeking subjective personal experiences over the truth of Scripture.

    Here is a related video, from 2011, that discusses the connection between Kundalini and Charismaticism:


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