Connecting the Dots – Kundalini to New Evangelicalism

We have spent a great deal of time in the past addressing issues that are greatly affecting true, biblical Christianity. The problem today is that more and more people are being duped into believing that a myriad of wolves are preaching and teaching the truth.

Children love to play connect the dots. Connecting the dots allows them to see a picture take place by counting each number in sequence. If the numbers are not put together correctly, then the picture will be nothing more than a jumbled mess. In similar fashion, it is not hard to see the dots that are now connecting the false religions of the world with so-called Christianity. Let’s look at how these dots are not only connected, but still being connected on the stages of churches and church conferences.

Let’s look at the first dot on the page. Kundalini is a mystical power that has often been called the Hindu’s version of the Holy Spirit. Kundalini is purely demonic. There are many videos that can be found on the dangers of this system which also includes the use of yoga and the encouragement to followers to allow their minds to be emptied in order for peace to fill them.

Any true minister would point out the heresy of such a religious system!

The second dot makes a radical jump from the blatant heresy of Hinduism to charismatic churches. The connection of the second dot actually produces a sordid picture because it allowed the first vestiges of eastern religion into mainstream religious circles.

This second dot produced the same type of power and manifestations as found in Hinduism but was now connected with people like Rodney Howard Browne, Oral & Richard Roberts, the Toronto Movement, and the events from 2008 in Lakeland, Florida spearheaded by Todd Bentley and openly promoted by GodTV. Many others within the Word of Faith movement bought into the heresy in various ways which then opened up the door to further invasions of demonic activity. These individuals included Benny Hinn, Joyce Meyers, TD Jakes, Rick Joyner, John Crowder and others. In the meantime, people continue to be duped into believing that these crazy, demonic acts are somehow from God.

Any true minister would point out the heresy of such a religious system!

The third dot took things like Toronto Blessing and the Holy Laughter Movement and made slight and subtle changes so as to be included in a wider array of preachers and churches. This third dot saw a continuing growth of churches spring to life in a way that has been unparalleled in recent history. This growth produced a wide impact and sought to point out that these great visitations from God were also to be found outside of charismatic circles. This included groups like IHOP in Kansas City, Bethel Church in Redding, CA, Perry Noble of NewSpring Church, and Ed Young of Fellowship Church. Of course, experience became more valuable than doctrine and anybody that believed to the contrary was considered a judgmental evangelical.

Any true minister would point out the heresy of such a religious system!

The fourth dot that comes to light is that when doctrine is taken out of preaching, it is normally superseded not just by experiences but also by music which normally drives much of what is found in the vast majority of the mega-churches today. Because people are coming for the music or the experiences, they also want their ears to be tickled into believing that somehow they are “best buds” with God who will accept them the way they are and not demand any change. When experience becomes the vital entity in church, then churches will begin to hold hands with anybody else who holds to the same thing – all for the sake of the kingdom, of course! This then was further compounded by groups like Promise Keepers who held hands with ANYBODY. ALL were accepted in the name of love including Mormons, Roman Catholics, and all mainline denominations. And more swallowed the Kool-Aid. You see, this dot allows the inclusion of people like Louie Giglio and Mark Driscoll, and bands like Jesus Culture and David Crowder.

Any true minister would point out the heresy of such a religious system!

The fifth dot is the one that is probably the scariest. Discernment ministries have been pointing out the coming apostasy for a few decades and few took notice because they did not believe it would ever affect them. After all, that was only the kind of thing that happened in charismatic circles. The fifth dot made the connection to evangelical circles. The problem being that experience was becoming so important that even those within what would have been termed sound evangelicalism began jumping on board. Southern Baptists were soon swallowing the poison with ease by the likes of Beth Moore and Henry Blackaby, both of whom have crossed the line of sound doctrine into an acceptance of “whatever floats your boat works for me as well because we won’t judge what Jesus accepts or does not accept!”

People who just a few decades ago would never have listened or permitted a woman to speak have now crossed the line of full acceptance. These people who stand to preach now are pushing an agenda that comes right out of the pits of hell. Can we not see that the devil is not concerned about those who live a life of debauchery for he already has them in his grip? He is concerned with doctrine for this is what drives a church towards purity. If the devil can get the focus OFF of doctrine and onto music or experiences or unity in love, then he will see the vast introduction of further heresies into the church at large.

Experience is still driving the crayon across the page as the dots continue to be connected. This now brings us to the next connection which some may vehemently decry, but it is necessary to help in completing a picture for the true Berean Christian.

Any true minister would point out the heresy of such a religious system!

The sixth dot though helps us to see the truth of Paul’s writings when he tells us that in the last days, there will be a falling away. Those who are falling away are IN the church. They are not on the periphery, but are actually sitting in their cushioned chairs sipping their lattes listening with rapt attention to the drivel that falls from the lips of so-many so-called preachers of the gospel. The gospel being preached is devoid of truth, devoid of the biblical Jesus, is devoid of repentance, is devoid of the mention of sin, and is devoid of anything that would connect it with a Bride who is making herself ready for the return of the Bridegroom.

This dot, while scary, is actually the logical continuance of the fifth dot. What is scary though is those who have perpetuated the lie that there is no connection from themselves to the heresy that is damning the souls of millions to hell. Those in this dot are those who stand in front of tens of thousands and would openly endorse the teachings and heresies of those found under some of the other dots. A true minister continues to take a stand against heresy and will preach the truth no matter where he may be. He will not be concerned about book sales or larger followings for his megachurch. He will remain a SLAVE of Jesus Christ and will teach truth NO MATTER THE COST!

The problem we face with this sixth dot though is that there seem to be many who are jumping into this particular arena, and with a straight face, seek to convince their people that unity is vital and that “we will never compromise the truth.” However, when the error surfaces, the truth is spoken with a finely polished veneer that says “I will not condemn my brother or sister in the Lord!” Or, the truth will be spoken but with just enough double-speak to ensure that anybody in the audience can find approval with what is said. The hearer is given the opportunity to twist the Scriptures to mean whatever they want it to mean so that they can find endorsement for their sin before God.

This was recently seen at Passion 2013 when John Piper and Francis Chan refused to openly condemn heresy. This was seen by their sharing and enjoying the stage with those who preach a different gospel. Their message may have been truth at its core, but their refusal to take a stand poisoned the message to the point where any and all could come away feeling good about themselves or could come away thinking they had a good relationship with Jesus Christ.

Sadly, within the confines of the sixth dot are men who have been preaching the gospel and yet have failed miserably in standing for the truth. They willingly share the stage with proponents of everything ranging from those teaching slight error to heretics, who then share the stage with those who are openly heretics and opposed to Jesus Christ and biblical truth, who in turn then share the stage with the false religions of the world.

In this camp, the world sees John Piper preach one thing but live another. They see him holding hands with the Mark Driscolls and the Rick Warrens and the Louie Giglios and the Beth Moores of the church. They then see these people endorsing people even further afield to include Roman Catholicism and the New Age Mysticism that is so prevalent.

And the church wonders why we do not see true revival?????

The world connects the dots better than the church is doing. They see Roman Catholics holding hands with Presbyterians who are holding hands with Baptists who are holding hands with New Evangelicals who are holding hands with Word of Faith proponents who are holding hands with the demonic activities that are identical to what is found in Hinduism and who are in turn holding hands with Roman Catholicism. They see nothing different – just a different name.

The devil laughs while the church-at-large looks at the dots and thinks it portrays the kingdom of God. God looks at the dots and sees the rank apostasy that is being openly permitted – a rank apostasy that would never have been permitted just a handful of years ago.

So to summarize the picture that is appearing. It is not even subtle anymore, but is out in the open.

Dot 1 – Hinduism – Kundalini
Dot 2 – Charismania
Dot 3 – Church growth gurus promote numbers over truth
Dot 4 – Doctrine begins to disappear for the sake of “love”
Dot 5 – Experience trumps doctrine in new evangelical circles
Dot 6 – Evangelicals fall all over each other in order to line up with the wolves in the pulpits of the world.

Any true minister would point out the heresy of such a religious system!

A few final questions to ponder – Will Berean Christians swallow the bait? Will we allow ourselves to be duped into thinking that we can all just get along? Will we one day come to the point where the crucifixion cannot even be mentioned because that would be to condemn those who believe there are many roads to heaven? Will we continue to endorse those in Dot 6 because of who they are or will we refuse to follow their error knowing and realizing that the dots that connect one connect to each other and they all in turn – connect to hell from where the heresy all originally starts?


Do you like the horror that is taking place on the page? Will you remain blind because you prefer the easy route? We do not need any more dots to see the dangers found in the picture. We need godly men and women who will stand for truth no matter what it takes or what it costs! The future of your church and mine depends on it.


29 thoughts on “Connecting the Dots – Kundalini to New Evangelicalism

  1. I have been seeing all these elements for a long time. “Expericing God” Henry Blackaby’s book and the class I attended just did not ring true for my understanding of the Gospel. I kept warning people, but most did not listen. I was in the Charismatic church for a time, while I was searching for truth, and in studying the churches’ material, found that it was experience based, and ignored or refused to deal with doctrine. Worship in these churches was solely in emotional responses to the point that often the Bible was not preached at all just raising hands and repeating choruses endlessly. Listening to the TV Word of Faith preachers, women preachers and teachers on radio, gave me great pause at the way our culture is just absorbing this false teaching and listening to false teachers without any difficulty as I saw it. It really bothers and has bothered me a long time.
    We are in a time of a total dearth of discernment-as long as it entertains with jokes, and promoting entertainers as preachers, open to any current fad, it will continue to go downhill.
    It permeats the missionary efforts, the evangelical churches are falling prey to it, with no one watching the door. With inter-faith prayer breakfasts, multi-faith conferences, we are assured to continue the downward slide.


  2. Thank you William for your comments. Sadly, having spent time in West Africa and about 14 years in Europe, I have seen what is here in America being exported to these places and it has shattered much of what passed for evangelical Christianity especially in Africa. The difference is that they have simply improved on the methods used to dupe people.


  3. The eastern religion connection is one that cannot be ignored. There seems to be a real acceptance of non-bilbical principals grounded in superstition having a stranglehold on the American church.


  4. Does someone know anything about andrew wommack? I know a pastor in Uganda who I love and he leads a wonderful church and an orphanage but it scares me that he likes andrew wommack so much just because AW seems like he isn’t teaching sound truth.


  5. Ben Blue, thanks for stopping by. I know that AW is a large part of the Word of Faith Movement which teaches heresy. A quick google search came up with the following video about some of his teachings. Might be worth watching. Personally, I place AW in the same camp as Kenneth Copeland and Joyce Meyer.

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  6. This is such a great article I wonder what the church will be like 5 years from now with god tv and the rest leading the pack. God tv is promoting Todd Bently once again saying that Satan made Todd sin and leave his wife get divorced but is now reformed and is ready to bring forth the fire to the lost world.
    I would like to point out that there is many of other not so well know preachers that preach things that will make your hair stand straight up.
    Ernest Angley comes on tv here on Sunday only and is the most bizarre tv preachers iv’e ever heard. He owns a 747 jet which outdoes the rest of the tv guys by a long shot,wears a sloppy white suit, a toupee,and has a very squeaky voice that will drive the average person crazy.I watch him for two reasons first I want to know what he teaches when he goes to third world countries, the second for amusement.
    On his recent revival in Uganda he started talking about himself saying that he received the mind of Christ at the age of eighteen scriptures say when we get to Heaven {We receive the mind of Christ} well he’s so special to himself,then he said two years ago he received the mind of god and sees people as god sees them and god and an angel tells him what to teach and shows him peoples illnesses,and how many demons they have.When he starts his healing time he says there is a blue cloud which is gods glory that covers the stadium only he can see it because he is a prophet of god and he does not sin,Wow!
    His staff brings to the stage alot of death children as well adults he rams his fingers in their ears shaking their heads back and forth and says come out you foul spirit!,then shakes a baby rattle next to them and says BABY! BABY! say Baby and tells them to go away and claim your healing.
    Ernest says he doesn’t take any of Gods glory,Well guess what God doesn’t give His Glory to anyone.
    It really breaks my heart to see this nonsense from these false prophets , I often wonder if they are the ones that took LSD in the 1960s and have ruined their minds or do they really believe what they teach?
    Jesus says you will know them by their fruits which to me means their teachings,and their lack of preaching the true Gospel.


  7. Great article! I like how you used the illustration of connecting the dots to bring home your points on how the Church has been subtly and greatly poisoned by doctrines of demons. Indeed, we are living in times where people are departing from the true faith and are embracing a lie. More than ever before, we need to be Christians who are discerning enough to be able to recognize between truth and error. We need to warn others against false teaching wrapped up as the so called truth! I was a bit shocked to read though that both John Piper and Francis Chan at Passion 2013 refused to speak out against such false teachers as Mark Driscoll and others. And to think I have some of their books. Now as for televangelists, I never had time for televangelists anyway. Wommack is definitely heretical in his teaching. Any thinking Christian who knows his or her Bible will immediately be able to identify Wommack’s false teaching. I really appreciate this website’s committment to the truth of God’s Word. Keep up the good fight of faith for God’s honor and glory. God bless!


  8. This is a difficult article to digest, not that I doubt in the least that these things are occuring , I have witnessed my own church [ that I no longer attend] embrace fully every wind of false doctrine that has come through the door. The sad fact is that many , many many a so called professed believer simply cannot spot a deception if it jumped up and bit them on the nose. I read this article and again am reminded that the day of the Lords return is near, I really do wonder how much more apostate the “body ” can become.


  9. Dot. Billy Graham invited unbelieving liberals, Roman Catholics, charismatics, and everyone else to participate in his campaigns.

    Dot. Al Mohler chaired a Billy Graham campaign in which churches from 54 denominations took part. Does anyone really believe they were all sound?

    Dot. Al Mohler joined charismatics, Catholics, etc in signing the Manhattan Declaration.

    Dot. Mohler has been frequently invited to preach by Grace Community Church. Phil Johnson, Macarthur’s right hand man, in 2005 specifically rejected the idea that Mohler’s ministry associations should have anything to do with whether they should be inviting Mohler.

    “In this camp, the world sees John Piper preach one thing but live another. They see him holding hands with the Mark Driscolls and the Rick Warrens and the Louie Giglios and the Beth Moores of the church.” Mohler holds hands with the same kinds of people, and Mac holds hands with him. It’s all one big hand-holding circle.

    Should Def-Con link to writings and sermons of Mohler without even a disclaimer?

    Should we at least wonder about Mac’s (and Phil’s) discernment?

    If broad evangelicalism is such a mess, how much should we encourage believers to read / listen to its spokesmen, even when they get things right? Piper gets a lot of things right, too. So does Driscoll. Broader evangelicalism is a huge mess of hand-holding and dot-connecting, and too many famous preachers won’t opt out of it all. How much should we hold hands with the hand-holders?


  10. Attending a Bible study last week led by a very knowledgable author – he posed the question. When the Lord returns will He find faith on the earth. He ask who says yes, who says no.?.

    Within a room of about 300; yes votes were about 10, undecided were about 289 and NO votes were 1 – mine. He commended me on my bravery to take a stand and said he agreed.

    That, I fear, is a true picture of the church today.


  11. I realize that there are times when people we respect within evangelicalism are simply going to make decisions we disagree with, or may even be wrong (or sinful). But does that mean we need to call them into question, or issue disclaimers about them on the basis of these decisions? No. Discernment is an important tool in the life if every Christian, one that is seldom used these days unfortunately. But it can also become a weapon that we turn against the brethren if we are not careful in its application. That is a balance I intend to keep here at DefCon. I understand your concerns regarding Al Mohler, but where I may disagreed with those decisions, until I see more evidence that shows him stepping outside of orthodoxy and into false teaching or heresy, no such disclaimer will be issued about him here.


  12. Chris, the issue is not whether he himself has stepped outside of orthodoxy — I would certainly not accuse him of such. Mark has pointed out the problem with “hand-holding,” and Mohler holds hands with people who are no more sound than the people Piper holds hands with.

    But obviously, it is your decision.


  13. My only question regarding this excellent piece is this: At what point do these preachers pointing out the heresy actually take the stand that it is beyond heresy and is fully Apostate and the great falling away?


  14. Jon, this is what I wrote over 3 years ago on some of these issues and I think it is even more poignant today than it was back in 2009. We have addressed some of these issues in the past, and personally, there may well come a time when some of those who are connecting other dots may well have to be addressed at length no matter who they are.

    I challenge my fellow pastors that if we are going to verbally call into question men like Driscoll for his vulgarity, like Piper for his saying that Wilson and Wright do not preach a false gospel, like Mohler and Duncan for signing The Manhattan Declaration, etc., then we must back up what we say publicly. We must refuse to endorse their materials, must admonish our people when they blindly follow these men, must stop inviting them to conferences and sharing pulpits with them, and MUST ABOVE ALL continue to seek full restoration with each other as part of the Body of Christ for whom Christ died. If we do not, then we are being hypocrites. If they are wrong, then they are wrong and pacifying the masses may be good for future book sales or endorsements, but it does not bode well for the future of true evangelical Christianity.

    What we underhandedly endorse today will only become the new standards for tomorrow, and the false teachings and ecumenicalism of tomorrow will become the stepping stones towards a greater liberalism than we see today! May God give us strength to stand firm in the face of ALL opposition. May He grant us mercy and keep our feet strong so that we do not waver from the faith once delivered to the saints!


  15. Mickey,

    Are you referring to preachers like MacArthur, Sproul, etc. who are pointing out the heresy, or are you referring to us here at DefCon with your question? I just wanted to clarify before I provide an answer for you. Thanks.


  16. Thank you, Mark. That was very well-stated. I greatly appreciate both this article and the earlier one. These things are very sad, when people who proclaim truth also slip into errors.

    I should note that someone contacted me and said Mohler back-tracked somewhat after signing the Manhattan declaration. I do not know to what extent he back-tracked, nor whether it could properly be called repentance. But since I brought that up in this thread, I wanted to note that this particular matter may have been resolved. There are other matters, of course.


  17. I live on the opposite side of the world and I used to donate to GOD TV; but your blog has opened my eyes.
    I had doubts before, but now it is confirmed.
    Thanks a million, carry on your good work.


  18. There may be Catholics going to these meetings, but thankfully, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal itself has not seen this infiltration within the Church.


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