A Christian Stands From His Wheelchair to Preach the Gospel

The preacher you are about to watch is a friend and dear brother in Christ. His name is Richard Story. Richard was severely injured in a car accident in 2006. He is confined to a wheelchair and needs the assistance of his loving bride to accomplish most tasks we take for granted. Recently, Richard wanted to obedient his Savior’s command to preach the gospel. This meant overcoming a great many hurdles, including a fear of people brought on by his condition which left him isolated from the world.

To that end, Richard had a cross made with the words “Are You Ready” on it. With great planning and effort, Richard regularly sits on a street corner in his community being a witness for his Lord. Yet, Richard continues to grow in his efforts to share the gospel. In this video, Richard has joined numerous evangelists from around the country during the recent Super Bowl Outreach in New Orleans. This is Richard’s first time preaching in the open air. I am delighted to call this man my friend and brother in Christ. I share this with our readers to encourage you to follow Richard’s example, to let no obstacle prevent you from sharing the gospel of our Lord and Savior.

7 thoughts on “A Christian Stands From His Wheelchair to Preach the Gospel

  1. You’re an inspiration Richard! Always wonderful to see someone faithful to the command!
    Keep it going Brother!!


  2. Richard, you are very courageous to go before the people like that, especially the ones coming and going in front of you. I can stand on my own two feet, and find it difficult to address many people at the same time. I am sorry for your accident, but maybe God is using your condition to spread His Word to thoughs who might not stop for a Bible beater. Also they see and hear your determination in warning them about their spiritual destiny. It shows that you truely care, or you wouldn’t be out of your wheel chair to reach them. I have been evangelizing for a while, even I got teary eyed at your presentation. You did a fine job and I hope you continue to preach any way you can. You showed the strength of will a man can have when their love of Christ and his message is strong, and the Lord is on your side helping you through each day to reach the searchers and the lost. God is smiling on you.



  3. Chris, Thank You for the kind words and those that posted comments. You have no idea what an encouragement all of you have been to me. Thank you and may God bless each of you as you share the gospel.


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