What’s the Difference –

between Presbyterian and Baptist views on Covenant Theology?Covenant Views

Michale Horton and Jeff Johnson discussed this in a panel last fall. You can listen to that message here.

In a couple of weeks, I will have a message on this and provide more insight to both views.

12 thoughts on “What’s the Difference –

  1. I have a problem with my relationship with God, Christ. Sometimes I can really hate. I blame God. I see all kinds of these evangelist types propounding what they think the doctrines of God are and yet I think they are completely incompetent when it comes to understanding certain things.
    They like to point to the King James 1611 Version as the infallible word of God. What a load of crap.


  2. Horton laid out a clear argument! I also concur with his final remarks in response to Pastor Johnson, whose argument wasn’t so clear.

    That the Word shows both Lydia and the Jailer believed it clearly doesn’t say their households did which shows that our salvation is of God not ourselves.

    This verse supports who is doing what to who:

    But our citizenship is in heaven, and from it we await a Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, who will transform our lowly body to be like his glorious body, by the power that enables him even to subject all things to himself. (Philippians 3:20, 21 ESV)


  3. Before you get too deeply into this you need to define what covenant theology is and how it differs from theology per se. Baptists, for instance, do not ordinarily understand or use this term. Loren Henry Wilson


  4. Loren – the discussion was discussion the difference between two views of covenant theology; it was not intended to be a primer on covenant theology. In my next post on this, I will give a very abbreviated overview of covenant theology, but mainly teach about the historic Baptist view of covenant theology.


  5. Michael – in Horton’s closing comment, he states that the children of Christians are children of God (a term that implies a saving faith in Jesus). You think that is a good, biblical argument?


  6. Dennis – None of us is perfect in our understanding of Scripture or our obedience to Christ. We must be humble and seeking repentance. Those who hold to a KJV-only view are deceived; there is no perfect English Bible, though the KJV and several others are very credible and accurate on the essentials.

    Please mind your language as you post here – let no corrupt language come from your mouth, only that which builds up the saints.


  7. “They like to point to the King James 1611 Version as the infallible word of God.”.

    Next time, ask them what was wrong with the Geneva, and why the jolly old king had it outlawed.


  8. After trying to use some newer versions (and still do occasionally) I have gone back to my Old KJV. I ran across too many occasions when the wrong English word was used in translations. I could give some examples. However, I am not on a campaign to stop the use of every translation but the Old KJV. We need to respect the commitment and scholarship of the recent translators without making idols out of them. Why do we try to control each other in these matters? I thought this was settled in the Protestant Reformation.
    Loren Henry Wilson / http://www.waymarks.org


  9. Loren, Systematic theology is a way of looking at what the whole of Scripture says about a given topic. This amounts to trawling through Scripture and can lead to misinformed conclusions. Biblical theology is a chronological view of Scripture, seeing how given texts fit into the over all redemptive theme woven in the Scripture. Biblical theology helps ground systematic theology in the proper historical context.

    Covenant theology is based on the view that God primarily communicates to His people via covenants. There are several easily identified covenants in Scripture – with Noah, Moses, David. I will discuss these and more – and provide a couple more charts – in my next post, early next week; Lord willing.


  10. The young man who handles audio recordings at my church is on vacation – will likely be another week before I can post the message I’ve mentioned.


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