God’s Wrath is Coming!

This is a message that should be preached in EVERY evangelical church in America until it is fully understood, and each person in attendance is driven to their knees in repentance, or until they flee because of the willful, deliberate hatred of their heart against a holy God.

Oh friend, flee from the wrath of God before it is eternally too late!

Truth – The Wrath of God

12 thoughts on “God’s Wrath is Coming!

  1. Schmorty,

    A deaf person walking on railroad tracks might well refuse to believe that a train is NOT coming because he cannot hear the train, but it does not change the facts. Hebrews 9:27 makes it clear that there is appointed a day of judgment for all and that death is coming. I hope that you do not remain ignorant to the train of death. The sounds are merely a precursor to the main event which you cannot avoid unless your faith is found in Jesus Christ alone.


  2. I hope someday you are able to step back and see that this stuff is all mythology left over from days when men knew nothing of the world they lived in, and invented stories to explain things. These people didn’t know where the sun went at night. They were frightened, ignorant tribesmen. The fact that modern men still believe this stuff is a sad commentary on the intellect of our species. I know you see it differently.


  3. So, how would you feel about a person choosing to murder a friend or a family member? What makes your sense of morality correct over the person who chooses to kill? Who or what makes your view right?


  4. I don’t know why people don’t want to hear this message. I was floating along in my life like most nominal believers until I heard truth like this and it jolted me awake, spiritually awake. I’m so grateful for that. Thank you for sharing this video.


  5. Mark, I know the difference between right and wrong. I don’t need threats or mythology to know that. My parents taught me properly, and my innate nature is full of empathy and compassion. Being “good” under threat of punishment isn’t being good. It’s obeying.


  6. Schmorty,

    How do you the difference between right and wrong? Who made the rules which you choose to obey? Who taught your parents? How do you know that what you were taught was “proper”? You have set yourself or your parents as an arbiter of right and wrong. How can that be when you do not believe there are absolutes apart from the laws of physics?

    You gravely misunderstand the truth of Biblical Christianity if you think that our beliefs are nothing more than “being good under the threat of punishment.” We do not obey God because we are afraid of punishment. We obey God through the commands in His Word because His commandments are not grievous and because we love Him. Those who love Christ will keep His commands.

    Romans 3 makes it clear that there is not one person who is good. Neither you or I actually have any innate nature that is full of anything that resembles empathy or compassion. Those are traits that we have to be taught for it is contrary to the very heart of man and his sinful nature. How can you have true compassion in your heart if we are but by-products of an evolutionary process? This is not found in animals, but it is in humans.


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