5 Saviors or Just One?

There is ONLY one mediator between God and man, the Man Christ Jesus! There is NO hope in any other. Buddha cannot save. Mohammad cannot save. Religion cannot save. There will be no person who will dare to stand before God on the day of judgment and say, “You have not done enough to provide salvation!”

4 thoughts on “5 Saviors or Just One?

  1. Anthony, thank you for stopping by and commenting. It is interesting that man, through no fault of God, fell into sin and separated himself from the fellowship of God. Then the God of the Universe, through no counsel or interaction from man, chose to lay aside His glory and come to earth to take on human flesh. He then lived a perfect, sinless life and was crucified to satisfy the wrath of His Father so that sinful man could be redeemed. Man, through no ability on his own, now has the responsibility to accept the rules and the free offer of what the God of all creation extends to mankind – salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

    What is arrogance and pure ego has nothing to do with me because I did not write the rules. In fact, I, along with you and every person who has ever lived, except for Jesus Christ, break them every single day. What is “pure ego” is that you and much of the world think that while breaking God’s rules that you could actually come into a right, holy fellowship with God on your own terms! That is amazing and sadly, the depths of the foolish, secular, humanistic thinking of this world. You would dare to shake a sinful fist in the face of a holy, righteous God and say like Frank Sinatra, “I’ll do it my way!”


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