Crucifixion Tuesday – Summary

Excellent thoughts from a fellow pastor in Scotland, Jon Gleason. This certainly puts a new light on the church/state separation issue as well the issue of what the idolatrous Pharisees were doing in a vain attempt to trap Christ.

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The Tuesday Before the Crucifixion

This is a summary of a series of posts on “Passion Tuesday” — the Tuesday before our Lord’s crucifixion.

“Whose is This Image and Superscription?” — A coin in the British Museum shows clearly that the coin the Pharisees and Herodians brought to Jesus was an idolatrous coin, and Jesus used this fact to reveal their hypocrisy.  (This article is also part of the “Bible in the British Museum” series.)

Misusing Matthew 22:21: “Render Unto Caesar” — Too often, modern applications of this passage miss the point.  “As so often, when you ask the Lord a question, the answer turns out to be a claim on your life.”

“By What Authority?” — The Claims of Messiah — The first question of the day came from the chief priests and elders, the religious authorities.  This post looks at the Messianic claims and actions of Jesus, the…

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