Because I’m Joel Osteen

A little parody with too much truth in it to be really funny.

6 thoughts on “Because I’m Joel Osteen

  1. Thanks for stopping by! I agree – we do need to lighten up and thought Osteen is a huge false teacher, this video does give a chuckle or two.

    To top it off, we just returned from a local coffee shop where a small group of women were huddled around a PC showing BETH MOORE!!! That’s a topic for another post. Less funny material, I’m afraid.


  2. This is pathetic!
    How about you spend some time doing something more useful with your time?
    Maybe spend that helping other’s not pulling them down. Don’t even know the guy, who’s judging now?
    Grow up!


  3. mel, Scripture is full of Christ and the Apostles warning of false teachers. Paul used quite a bit of satire in his letters, as did Jesus. Osteen is a wolf in sheep’s clothing that needs to be exposed. He is loved by the world because he speaks the language of the world. He speaks the language of the world because he of the world. He loves the world and its riches, claiming that is the blessing of God.

    We are commanded in Scripture to judge the teaching of everyone. You are judging in the comments you made. How’s that working out? It’s a simple reminded that man cannot live without making judgments.

    I pray you understand the Word of God better – study it and see that the Lord is good. And He bids us judge trees by the fruit they produce. Osteen’s fruit is rotten.


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