10 Ways to Hinder Growth in Worship

This is a very interesting video worth watching in regards to worship. Too many churches have gone down this path of being relevant and producing worship that is mind-numbing. In a recent ministry, it was more important to have more songs than doctrine or preaching. The preferred timing of the service is that the preaching should be no longer than the 20 minutes of “worship” drivel that some preferred. This is not true worship. Further, if it appeals to your feet or your emotions before it speaks to the renewing of your mind, it is not honoring to God and has no place in worship.

One thought on “10 Ways to Hinder Growth in Worship

  1. Seminaries have actually taught in preaching classes that sermons should be no longer than 22 minutes because that’s the length of a half hour TV show, not counting the commercials. Talk about neglecting Romans 12:1-2! Singing is a good but lesser part of the worship service than is prayer and preaching. All songs and preaching must be biblically solid – God is not mocked.


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