What Do You Know?

A friend has told me a number of times, “When you don’t know what you’re supposed to do, go back to the last time you knew what you were supposed to do and do that.” That’s where I’m at today: evaluating what I know.

There are so many decisions to make in life: Who should I marry? What job should I take? How can I best serve the Lord? This last question is one we should ask on a daily basis. Every morning I rise, I know there is a reason I am still here. God has a job for me to do, and I must fulfill that task.


What do I know? God has called me. He desires to use me. He has blessed me more than I deserve. If I am faithful to the end, He will give me a crown of life.

What do you know? I would venture to guess that much of what I know would hold true for you as well but question deeper than that. Are you continuing in the calling to which God has called you? Have you lost sight of the direction you received a while back? Are you struggling to hear God’s voice? Think back to the last time you heard Him and consider if that is still His word to you or if He is changing your direction. It’s easy to be so busy that we don’t take the time to hear but, in these days of uncertainty, it is vital that we do hear.

If you are struggling to know God’s will for this season of your life, take the time to press in until you know what He desires of you. Then move forward in faith, knowing that He will complete the work that He’s begun in your life.

May this beautiful song by Steve Green encourage the heart of our readers today.

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