Rick Warren Rebuked

In follow-up to George’s post: http://defendingcontending.com/2014/11/28/rick-warrens-roman-catholic-affinity/

I present:

2 thoughts on “Rick Warren Rebuked

  1. Bro. may you stir the spirits of other ministers to warn the people there is false prophets today as Jesus said there would be in the last days Too many of the churches do not see the False Prophets and take on anything they say Matt. 24:11 warns us of them in the last days The air waves are full of them but the Ministers are not warning the people I am 85 and lost my hearing in the natural but my spiritual hearing is better than before i have a small computer ministry that I send out The Spirit of God is dealing with me about a message THE CHURCH THEN AND NOW I have been saved 55 years and the church has went into a business instead of a soul saving what Jesus died for He did not die for flesh He died for the Soul Bless you in your ministry Juanita Pike Anchor For Life Ministry


  2. Thank you, sir, for helping me more accurately discern the differences among preachers today. Rick Warren has never appealed to me as a leader because his concepts seem to fit too nicely into a box for sale, but I had no idea he had slipped into this “smooshiness” (heresy) as you call it. I pray that he repents of his deviation from the truth of Scripture and do justice to his congregation by confessing the truth. He is doing them no favors guiding them to a Christless eternity. I am sure there are many who might say we are “too picky” or “majoring on the minors,” but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As you so clearly pointed out, if we don’t believe salvation to be in Christ alone, through faith alone, by Scripture alone, by grace alone, and all glory to the Father alone, we are not standing on the rock, but rather sinking sands, which means every other faith out there besides what Scripture teaches. People need to get themselves into a solid Bible study and study the Scriptures more intently than ever! God gave us a brain; He expects us to use it and not be led by every emotion that can be conjured up so easily by ignorant or unscrupulous leaders.


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