Lightning Strikes Car After Church Robbery?

This article will be quick. I caught a glimpse of a Facebook video that is being shared by many concerning a supposed lightning strike that hit a car that was involved in a chase after robbing a church. Here is the video:

Seems pretty plausible doesn’t it? Not really. And I will show you why in the next paragraph. But the veracity of this chase does not concern me as much as how easy it is to believe something on the Internet, even if it was supposedly God who did it. In other words, I find that those who are suppose to be on the side of truth and biblical objectivity still keep falling prey to the tricks that the Internet is notorious for. Spreading lies, gossip, misinformation, and the like is not something that should be named among us as Christians. Yet, time and time again, I continually see posts, twitter feeds, and other such avenues being flooded with slander, propaganda, and nonsense that has not been given due diligence and godly reservation before sharing and spreading.

Case in point. Here is a frame by frame visual of what actually happened to this car.

1. This first frame is starts at second 12 before our dramatic lightning strike. Cue the action music.

Lightning Screen Shot second 12

2. Here is the second frame that has the wiper providing some convenient distraction before the flash at second 13.
Lightning Screen Shot second 13 (Quick view of Care before %22flash%22)

3. Now appears our much needed blinding flash that gives us the convenient effect of making us think it was indeed lightning that struck the car, and perhaps God who did it. Still at second 13.

Lightning Screen Shot second 13 (Convenient Lightning Flash)

4. Finally, the end product! At second 14, the car was incinerated by the lightning! But not really. Do you see the second car that miraculously appeared in this fourth frame? 

Lightning Screen Shot second 13 (After Flash) Notice two cars

5. Perhaps this fifth frame will make it more clear. Do you see the other car’s front hood on the far left side of this screen? This is the scene after impact with another vehicle. 

Lightning Screen Shot second 14 (better shot of impact)

Nothing but a great editing job. But what’s the point? Why go through all the trouble to reveal this? Because there are other videos like this that many people (christians and non-christians) are duped into thinking is from the miraculous, supernatural, or God. Can God strike someone with lightning for robbery? Yes. Can God allow this person(s) in the car to collide with another vehicle as a means of punishment. Absolutely. But that is not the problem. The problem is that far too many of us, who are suppose to be flag bearers of truth, continually consume and propagate on social media things that are supposedly attributed to the miraculous, but are not. Simply because God can, doesn’t mean God did. As my wife says, “People like to give God glory for what He didn’t do, but don’t like to give Him glory for what He did.” Furthermore,  we must also remember that just because a Christian, trustworthy pastor, or favorite blogger said it, doesn’t mean it is accurate either.

As much information is found on the Internet, it would behoove us to make a more diligent work of trying to gain as much information on a topic as we can before we decide to share it with others. Whether it is information about the president, a false teacher, an agenda, a specific demographic, etc., let’s look at mulitple sources and develop a somewhat well-rounded conclusion on the issue. If there there are too many questions left unanswered, and you aren’t sure that you can develop a definitive and accurate opinion, it is better left unshared. Unless you are willing to admit that the information you are sharing can be wrong. And if another person shares misinformation, dont be a harsh heresy hunter. If the opportunity presents itself, discuss the topic with a tone that expresses love for truth and that person’s repuation (if they care about it).

Let’s be more diligent to be Bereans of not just the Scriptures, but information on the interent. If every idle word we speak we will have to give account for on the day of judgment, then how much more every post that contains false information?

2 thoughts on “Lightning Strikes Car After Church Robbery?

  1. Thanks for posting George. Indeed the use of deceptive tactics via social media is alarming and the issue cannot be over emphasized. To be sure with agendas running from A-Z the negative impact on society incalculable. As for Christians, Awake you who sleep. It is the will of God that you bear much fruit. We were saved for good works that God ordained before the foundation of the world, that we should walk in them. May we be found faithful upon our Lord’s appearing. Agape


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