hello-my-name-isGreetings DefCon readers and writers. I am J.L. Pattison and I am pleased to announce that I have been invited to be a guest contributor to this fine blog.

One of the first things I’ve done is work on revitalizing the blog’s image with a whole new design (I hope you like it).

I will be tinkering with the design some more to get it perfect, but in the meantime let me know what you think of the new look. Tell me what you like and what you dislike about it.

I look forward to getting to know everyone here and sharing more about me in the near future.

8 thoughts on “Hello.

  1. Welcome aboard! I don’t see what the image has to do with the name or mission of this blog. I think it important that the banner image we use connect with the idea found in Jude 3.


  2. Wasn’t the previous header (blog image) a scenery pic as well?

    This current image was the stock header that came with the template I was using. I am in search of a better header (it is one of those things I’ll be tinkering with) and didn’t foresee the current image being an issue in the interim.

    Aside from the header, is there anything you found favorable with the new design?


  3. J.L., it would be nice to have a banner image that matches the idea of Jude 3, but we have not always had it that way and it certainly has not been that way of late. I appreciate the efforts towards a new appearance and look forward to seeing the finished product as well as posts from you. I know you will add a new level of encouragement to DefCon as well as maybe some needed admonition as you believe you are directed to write. Every blessing, my brother.


  4. Please would someone kindly point out the where the search icon is now located. I am fairly new to DefCon so I am heavily reliant upon the search icon to bring up past articles on various themes. Thanks in advance.


  5. If you’re on a desk top or iPad (in landscape mode) the search engine appears between the follow buttons and the “Recent Comments” on the right side of your screen. On a phone it would be found after scrolling all the way to the bottom. I will move the search box to the top on the widget column soon for easier locating.


  6. For the little that it is worth, I like the picture. The blog says across the top, “Defending truth and contending for the Faith while carrying the Light of the Gospel into a world shrouded in darkness.” The picture represents that beautifully.

    If we are just defending and contending, we are a sounding brass and a tinkling cymbal, no matter how eloquently and effectively we do so. But we are called to defend and contend FOR something — for the faith delivered to us, the faith in a Light shining in the darkness. We must fight, but it’s not about the fight, it is about the Light.

    Admittedly, I might be biased by the fact that I preached on Isaiah 60:1-3 today. šŸ™‚ Nevertheless, I find the picture fitting.


  7. @ InChristAlone: The search bar is now above the follow buttons (found on the right side of the screen on desktops and iPads in landscape mode).
    @Mark: Thank you, Mark.
    @Jon: And let us (and me) not forget that “defending and contending” with bitterness, harshness, and void of love, does no good for the cause of which we do battle. Something I need to be reminded of.:-)

    Also, their are four banner images that rotate every time the page loads, so I am unsure which of the four you were referring to in your comment.


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