God, Have Mercy On America

A reader of my personal blog recently made the following comment: “Now to the Christian. Quit praying for God to bless America or any other country that does not honor God. Start praying for God to have mercy. Have mercy on the professing Christians who are being overcome by the cares of this world.”
This is something that has been on my mind for a while. I love the song, “God Bless America,” and yet America has turned her back on the Almighty God, so how can we continue to expect His blessings?
 I am thankful to have been born in this country, and I’m grateful for the freedoms I have; yet, one by one, those freedoms are being taken away, and I believe this will continue to be the trend.
I am praying fervently for this country. I pray for God’s mercy on this next election. More than anything, I pray for a leader who fears God and will seek Him. At the same time, I realize God may not answer my prayer. You see, many of those who call themselves Christians have forgotten their first love. They have allowed television, business, relationships, family, activities, even ministry to replace the God they used to love. They no longer have time for Him because there are too many other things that consume their time. How can God bless a country when His own people are no longer living Godly lives?
As I write this, I am close to tears. I am so burdened for the state of the Church in America and, yes, I know that Revival must begin with me. I am not pointing fingers. I too have been guilty at times of “serving God” while neglecting the God I serve; yet I realize that, if I am going to survive in this ever-changing world, I must cry out to Him now like never before. I can’t afford to “relax.” This is a battle but one which, ultimately, must be won in the Spirit.
This weekend, while I thank God that I can still worship freely in the church of my choice, I am also sober-minded as I realize the day may come when this is no longer an option. In spite of Lee Greenwood’s assumption, they CAN take our freedom away, and I believe they will continue to do so if God doesn’t intervene.
So, this weekend, I am praying, “God, have mercy on America. Draw Your people back to You. Continue to show me the areas in my life that don’t please You so that I can be a better witness and a Light while you give me breath. Help me not to waste my days but to spend them giving glory and honor to You and drawing ever closer to You continually. Thank You for allowing me to be born in this country. Please grant us a leader who will make decisions based on Your Word. Put our priorities where they need to be, with You at the center of everything we do, say, vote on, etc. Thank You, Father. You are so good to us, and I know that whatever happens in this next year or two will be for our eternal good and Your ultimate glory. Amen!”

4 thoughts on “God, Have Mercy On America

  1. I know how you feel, I’ve been unable to blog about anything else, and finding peace through Philippians 4:4-8 has been a challenge. Then again I want to cheer and praise the Lord because all of His prophesy and promises are starting to come true right before our eyes – it’s heart breaking and exhilarating at the same time.

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  2. We in this country have benefited from much of God’s favor, spurned as Christians have failed to be salt and light, thanks to the influence of those who think the church should be like the culture rather than stand for Truth. Our national slogan ought to be “One nation under God’s wrath” – and deservedly so.

    He will defend His church! For that we can be very thankful and sure. This country is not His home nor ours.

    May God indeed have mercy!

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  3. ” the influence of those who think the church should be like the culture rather than stand for Truth. ”

    True, but closer to home the protestant churches who are modeled after pagan and religious Rome rather than the clear teachings of the NT are also to blame.

    “I charge you to pray for the saints here. God must do the work of centering their lives in Christ. None know the scriptures well because of the devilish schemes of the clergy to keep them from thinking for themselves. Do pray for wisdom and grace for me that my witness might be effective for the glory of the man at God’s right hand… The clergy of fundamentalist is a direct descendant of papism.”

    – Jim Elliot, missionary / martyr


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