Using Technology to be a Devotional Leader


This article does not merit a long, drawn out introduction or explanation, so I will get right to the point. Men, are you being the devotional leader in your home? Women, this same line of questioning goes for you too if you have children. When I say devotional leader, by that I mean, are you carving out time from your day or week to feed your family with the Word of God? This can be done through established Bible study, or short lessons everyday about Scriptural truths. I’m going to reveal one way in which this can be done, but for the sake of brevity, are you making an effort to pass along Scripture verses that you have recently read or lessons that God has taught you from His word? The key here is that you are already setting aside personal devotional time with Christ, which automatically should overflow to your family. I’m not talking about forcing time to develop a sermonette so that you can share some elaborate dissertation with your wife or children. I’m talking about genuinely spending time to be with Christ through His word and simply sharing what was learned with your family. If nothing was “learned,” at the very least, find a Bible verse that you feel would be some encouragement or edification to them.

If you are anything like me, you probably have a job. And finding time can be frustrating if you are extremely busy. However, using technology is an excellent and simple way to share golden nuggets from Scripture that do not merit a long conversation. Let me reiterate that again. We often think that sharing God’s truths require long or elaborate explanations in order to have an effective transaction. This may be true when we learn something that requires a bit of background information, but there are acres of Scriptural truths that can be shared with a simple click. Case in point.

One day, as I was reading Proverbs, I came across Proverbs 14:26 which says, “In the fear of the LORD there is strong confidence, And His children will have a place of refuge.” Does this Scripture require a through explanation? Depending on why I am sending it and the situational/scriptural context, perhaps. However, since this Scripture was simple enough to understand, I took the initiative to send this verse as a text to my wife. She responded, “Amen!” After that, there was nothing more to be said. But I wanted to share with her something that I thought would encourage her.

Keep in mind that this is only one example. Also, remember that this is not a suitable substitute for actually discussing Scriptural truths at dedicated times throughout the week, but can be an effective way to share really quick, easy to understand truths that God has revealed to us. Furthermore, you may strike oil (figuratively speaking) and may open a fountain of conversation by sending these tiny devotionals. Moreover, think about how many texts, emails, and social media posts are created daily that are not specifically for the edification of our spouses or children? A little personal message may go a long way.

Whether using texts, emails, or social media, take advantage of these avenues to edify your family. Gold dust is seemingly worthless until you gather enough of it, melt it down to make golden bars. The same is true sending these tiny, seemingly insignificant texts or media messages that contain small, but golden, truths of Scripture. After a long while of gathering and sending, they will have become important bricks in priming and building up your family in the most holy faith.


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