The Insanity Of Transubstantiation

Testimony of a former Roman Catholic priest, Herman Hegger: Magic

“This doctrine of transubstantiation never fascinated me. I felt a certain reluctance to kneel before those external elements. Something in me refused to offer prayers to the Host. A God localized by the forms of bread and wine was against the grain of my deepest religious sentiments. I felt it difficult to lift up my soul to a God Who appeared to me in those dead things. I could not really discover the splendor of the glorified Savior in the Host that I was eating.

“Roman Catholic authors are also aware of this difficulty. They never mention “Jesus who is in my stomach,” but speak of “Jesus who rests on my heart.” Involuntarily they change over in some way to a spiritualization of the formula: “This IS my body!” And indeed, what is the point in transubstantiation? What use is it to me if Jesus ultimately lands in my stomach in the shape of bread and wine?

“The truly great thing is my living communion with the Savior. What good is a bodily presence in those forms? They only divert my attention from the glorious shape of my Redeemer. Jesus appears to me through His Word and Spirit. I rest on Him as He reveals Himself in His Gospel.”

9 thoughts on “The Insanity Of Transubstantiation

  1. Sadly, many of the Reformers who left Catholicism did not leave far enough when they changed this to be some kind of mystical ingestion of Jesus known as consubstantiation. Those who hold to this are just as wrong as those who hold to transubstantiation.


  2. I love this post, it’s very insightful and there’s such joy in knowing that the Lord has a people that He is calling out while they’re still in the midst of delusion. Please don’t be angry with me for speaking up. though, but frankly… there’s no need to go beyond Hegger’s admissions here to be critical of Lutheranism because Luther didn’t go far enough. What’s truly amazing and a positive thing is that Hegger was ashamed of the idolatry and beginning to believe rightly while still a Catholic priest celebrating Mass. What a work of grace! This is in stark contrast with Luther who was terrified of the responsibility of “consecrating” the bread. Two such different reactions!

    Enjoy what’s here.


  3. Manfred, does this apply here?
    Revelation 3:2 Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God.

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  4. Yes, Maria – we must always be watchful and strengthen one another. We are apt to go astray and need one another – this is the critical aspect of belonging to a local gathering of God’s people.

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