3 thoughts on “Quotes: What we deserve isn’t what we think we deserve.

  1. I have observed another troubling trend that I call the “Eliphaz syndrome”. In a nut shell it presumes, “since this therefore that”. Their doctrines are sound across the board. They rightly reject the social or prosperity or missional gospels and contemplative madness. Yet in one area their otherwise sound theology relies on personal subjectivity. The broken and hurting are chastened and told that they are greatly lacking in sufficient prayer and bible study time, unlike themselves. As to the 100 fold blessing that they have received, theirs is earned due to their years of diligent and sacrificial service to God. Your lack of blessing is a result of your half hearted service to God and your local church. Sometimes, as with Job, deserving has nothing to do with it. John the Baptist was filled with the Spirit from conception. He dedicated his whole life to God. His reward was being imprisoned leading to doubting and ultimately to his beheading. Gee, if only these two were as diligent and as dedicated as the “Eliphaz elite squad”.


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