Sorry, Still Wrong

Yes, just as Todd Bentley who showed up again, so also, it has not taken long for Mark Driscoll to jump back into the limelight again. We knew this would take place sooner rather than later.  Sadly, far too many who claim the name of Christ are willing to show a gross lack of discernment by following the ministries of people like Bentley and Driscoll.

Less than one year after his fall from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, Mark has decided that he needed to move to a warmer climate in Phoenix, Arizona where he has filed papers to start a new religious establishment called “The Trinity Church.” In case, you may have missed all the kerfuffle in recent times, this is the same Mark, who reveled in being known as the cussing pastor. This is the same man who was obsessed with pornographic visions of people in his “church” that supposedly came from God. Yes, this is the same man who plagiarized and bought his own books with funds not his own in order to push up his book sales on the best-seller lists.


A website detailing far too much to reiterate at DefCon can be found here at The Mark Driscoll Controversy website.  We have repeatedly sought to give warning about Driscoll and will continue to do so as we feel that it is necessary.

For the record, here at DefCon, we do not now, nor have we in the past, nor will we in the future endorse or support any aspect of a man who has repeatedly chosen to mock the God of the Bible. My recommendation to those reading who think that Driscoll is a man of God is to pray for much discernment so you will quickly be able to see what this man was all about, and still is.

This is a man that needs much prayer. Prayer that he will truly repent of what he has said and done in the past. Prayer that people will not blindly follow him as they did under the Mars Hill Empire. Prayer that God will continue to raise up godly men to proclaim the truth of God’s Word whether it is liked or not.

3 thoughts on “Sorry, Still Wrong

  1. The big question for me is how and why did we get here. How is it that so many millions are so easily duped? I am often amazed to discover how little theology so many Christians can explain and defend. Titus 1:9. I have found this to be true even in churches engaged in solid exegetical preaching/teaching from the pulpit. Is the folly in the typical church service format? It simply is not plausible to inculcate the flock with sound doctrine using the lecture method. Fifty years later I can still recite my times tables from memory. It was pounded into my head, I put it to use it all of the time. I cannot remember the Sunday sermon in detail past Tuesday. What is not put into daily use is soon forgotten. Perhaps the answer is to be found it the phrase, practice what you preach. The church gathering is for the saints not for the visitor. No church should move on to lesson 2 until the saints are proficient and faithful in living out lesson 1. Lessons on sound doctrine ought not be relegated to “class time”. Perhaps the teacher should repeat the lesson again and again until the saints know it and understand it and practice it. I heard of a south American pastor who was upset with his saints. He spoke one sentence and sat down fuming. You are to love one another. The saints became nervous and began to sweat under great conviction. Eventually they began to speak with the saint next to them. How can I love you when I know nothing about you. Over the next three months ever need of every saint was met. Now the pastor had a new dilemma. It was time for lesson 2. He knew that for the first time what ever he told them to do they would REALLY do it.


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