The Farce is Strong With This One

No, the title is NOT a misprint or a misspelling. The below link is from The Guardian newspaper.

Star Wars Sunday

A church social club in Berlin, Germany has decided that the truth is irrelevant. However, I have to assume that it is a sign of the times. If you have no desire to draw anything but goats to a service, then you have to use what goats like. After all, using the unadulterated truth of the Scriptures just doesn’t draw crowds these days.

lukewarmpicTwo quotes in the article stood out to me. The first from one of the pastors hirelings. “They trust us to make them part of the church service without making it too Christian or too Star Wars, but to find a good compromise.” (emphasis is mine)

The second from an attender.

Scott McGuire, sporting a Chewbacca costume, said he planned to see the movie later. “I think the whole question of God is very interesting, but getting up early on a Sunday is one of those things. But for something like this, I’ll go,” he said.

However, is it really any different than Hillsong Church that decided to produce the blasphemous 1920 flapper style version of “Silent Night”?

WARNING — This version of Silent Night from Hillsong may require much eyewash, but the damage to your eyesight and brain may be permanent.


19 thoughts on “The Farce is Strong With This One

  1. I read about this yesterday and about threw up. These pretenders must be disciples of Finney and Schuller and Warren and Hybels. May God have mercy those who embrace such decepticons.

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  2. So true Manfred and yet I can’t help but wonder if Finney might even have been slightly appalled. As for the rest, they would applaud…
    Church of the tares. But did you know that the number one answer in English Hospitals to the question of religion is Jedi Knight. I used to think it was just that British humor. Now not so much!

    I would love to hear a j. Vernon McGee diatribe on it though!


  3. Our family doesn’t celebrate Christmas because we are convinced that it is not biblically sound to do so. We hear many arguments as to how we can Christianize it and avoid the pagan bits involved but we have found that once you let one thing in, a whole raft of other idolatrous practices soon follow. This Hillsongs production adds force to our argument. Rightly do they desecrate themselves in such a manner for we know that Christmas was pagan in the beginning and always will be.

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  4. When did Jesus say to Peter, feed the goats and starve my lambs? Wretched radio has an archive of such anti-holy spirit led productions. Can any of these freak show productions even begin to rate as high as, a form of godliness? If we are not waist deep in the great apostasy its a great imitation of it. We walk by faith and not by sight but this present reality fits the bill according to my discernment.
    Praise be to God that my wretched wicked sick blind and lost (pagan) roots were forever severed when God redeemed me into a new creation.

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  5. Mickey-

    Even though I shouldn’t be, I am shocked by that Hillsong production. What an abomination of hell. Surely only a reprobate professing believer who is handed over to the judicial blindness of God would embrace such strong delusions.


  6. So true Jim. Just got an email from a client/friend in Florida thanking me for the link. His one daughter is moving to NY and Hillsong church was mentioned as a possible landing spot for her. Dad then used the link to warn her away from them.

    Mark, you warning is already bearing good fruit!


  7. …Or at least a real conflict between generations. Def Con family, please pray for dads Holy Spirit lead education for daughter and son in law who need the truth?


  8. The update is that the first version of the song was from Herod’s flesh desires, and later the more traditional song rendition was, well … you get the spin to control the outcry!

    Here is the actual response:

    “Hillsong London’s theatrical version of Silent Night, performed in a Gatsby themed style, has been catching a lot of heat lately for being unbiblical, risqué and inappropriate for a church setting. My friend, Johnny Rays, who is on staff at Hillsong, gives a very clear understanding of this situation: “This number is from a Christmas spectacular show that was designed as a theatrical production. It tells the story of the Magi on quest for the King’s Star. This piece is early on in the show and follows egomaniacal King Herod snapping his fingers and calling for “music!” It is supposed to make you cringe. It is supposed to have all the worldly excess of a Gatsby-style party which exposes that Herod is seeking Jesus for all the wrong reasons. Later in the show, there is a beautiful, meaningful (and traditional) version of Silent Night which contrasts with the aforementioned piece and makes the exact point that you are all making. The show ends with the attention firmly on Jesus Christ. This video was not released by Hillsong, nor would this number ever be an item on its own. It has a narrative context where it makes sense, although of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether or not a theatrical experience is your cup of tea, it’s hard to argue with the tens of thousands of people who attend the show (35,000 in Australia alone), thousands of whom are entering a church environment of the first time and most importantly all those who made decisions to follow Jesus.” Friends, please remember that context is of severe importance and we usually lack not only context, but culture and proper insight from headline posts on social media. Take time. Research. Be civil. Act with patience, tact and wisdom. Have respect, don’t just assume. Let’s be better than this. We have enough to do without having to deal with all the critics on our own team”.

    Hard to argue with thousands of people making decisions for a jesus who is all about love and no consequence for sin…


  9. Mickey Merrie: Here’s the thing about Hillsong’s response. I could accept that. It makes sense, and if you are going to perform a play involving bad guys (and anything about Herod will do just that), they have to do bad guy things. Distorting something familiar into something grotesque is a good theatrical tool, and if the statement is correct, this particular performance WOULD be acceptable because it is supposed to be bad guys doing bad guy things making you uncomfortable.

    (Then again, it always frustrates me when Christian movie villains use “gosh”, “darn it”, and “to heck with you”. Show us the ugliness or avoid it; I don’t care which, but don’t teasingly hint at it.)

    And since the video was not released by Hillsong, it is reasonable to presume that the showing of this clip with no explanation of the context was done deceptively. Even if Hillsong does everything else wrong (and it does do a LOT wrong), there is a reasonable chance that this is not on that list.

    But here’s the thing: the 1920 Gatsby version is out – whether right or wrong, it is out in the public eye now. Hillsong says that there is a context that shows it appropriate. SO SHOW THE CONTEXT! If they are telling the truth, if this was part of a larger performance and this particular number was deceptively portrayed as isolated, they have the opportunity to set it straight by releasing the entire performance.

    I’d be willing to excuse Hillsong’s performance in this case, but I need to see the proof.


  10. I put out their response to show the context. And yours is a reasonable position given the context of the play. However, the greater context of Hillsong points to provocative worldly entertainment as their goal. As such, their explanation rings quite hollow. This would be the greater proof of their intent. If you will, situational context is trumped by systemic context. Thus to prove my point, and also give you greater proof I present the “salvation” of Ja Rule!

    Notice his “born on date” and then this video of his “new” fruit!

    I can do this times 1000. Plus I can show you Hillsong Pastor Houston preaching on 2Cor. 7 and never once mentioning repentance.

    Lastly, have you seen this article? “Undertaker come quickly” at

    Remember too that this private play had hired pros and high Def. cameras etc for public sale later on. They knew EXACTLY what they were doing as they truly are herders of goats…

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  11. Now, I would NEVER post the lyrics to that song, and no man born from above would sign them either. But if you must look, all you got to do is google them. You will be MORE than shocked and appalled by them. Thankfully you SEE enough on the one I posted, and can’t really hear them. If you doubt and go looking yourself, remember, you have been forewarned. They are nothing but vulgar…


  12. More context. Hillsong 2014 wrap version of Silent Night.

    Ask yourself, what are the crowds cheering? Then let the next song come up, watch the crowd…worship or entertainment? You decide.

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  13. error begets error such as tolerance and inclusion. In Rev. 2, Jesus on the one hand praises Thyatira for their works, love faith service and endurance. On the other hand he utterly rebukes them for practicing tolerance and inclusion. They tolerated unrepentant Jezebel a beguiling false prophetess who taught members to practice immorality. She was teaching them the, “deep things of Satan”.
    This could refer to Baalism or to Gnostic dualism or some other satanic deception. We ask ourselves how can this be? They had true faith and godly love but were either spineless or utterly lacking in discernment. Perhaps this was the beginning of the seeker friendly movement.
    These churches replace the greatest commandment with, ” thou shalt never judge or discern or practice church discipline”.
    I wonder if the pastor gets bonus checks for increasing the box office take?


  14. “Whether or not a theatrical experience is your cup of tea; it’s hard to argue with the ten’s of thousand’s of whom are entering a church environment for the first time and most importantly all those who made decisions to follow Jesus.” This has nothing to do with either the true gospel or glorifying the One who came to save us. Going to a concert, getting caught up in the moment and “making a decision to follow Jesus” puts salvation in the hands of the sinner. When someone actually has an encounter with “The Lord of glory” his/her reaction will be more similar to that of Daniel or John. See Daniel 7: 9-15 and Revelation 1: 9-18. These supposed decisions bring more deceptive belief that someone has been “born again” when their hearts have not been changed at all. The glorious salvation by our great God will always bring us on our knees (or faces) before this awesome King.Not caught up in the moment as sinners put themselves in the place of God and “decide for Jesus”. Soli Deo Gloria

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