What does Pastor Saeed believe?

It is very comforting to know that Pastor Saeed is no longer in harms way of the Iranian government. Many have already spread the good news via social media and other outlets. But while we stand by and praise God for this man’s safety, do we know what he believes? Have Christians not made the same mistake before in standing by certain preachers, politicians, celebrities, or movement leaders only to have a black eye later on because we did not endeavor to know their doctrinal stance?

This article is not assuming to know what Pastor Saeed believes. As far as I know, there are no public statements that have been posted concerning this topic. However,  there is background information that may give some indication to the kind leanings that Saeed may have. DISCLAIMER: This is not a condemning post! I repeat. This is NOT a condemning post. This is purely informational, although I have my personal concerns. I do not believe that Saeed is not Christian. I do not have any evidence to make such a conclusion at this time. I am merely challenging us to always consider who we are supporting and ask ourselves if our own convictions will allow us to do so. The following is just a series of links I discovered when trying to figure out what Pastor Saeed believes. Although I found nothing on Saeed, did find other somewhat relevant information.

Pastor Saeed is an ordained minister from the American Evangelistic Association (AEA)

AEA was started by John E. Douglas Jr in 1954 and several other pastors who became independent in order to form this organization. http://wordpress.aeaministries.org/history/

What AEA believes can be found here: http://wordpress.aeaministries.org/this-we-believe/

It is possible that many of the pastors could have been affected by the “Latter Rain Movement” in the 1940’s as well as preacher A.A. Allen.

  1. http://www.encyclopedia.com/article-1G2-3274100062/other-pentecostals.html (Scroll down, find “American Evangelistic Association,” and click link)
  2. https://books.google.com/books?id=_Qtv7gJMIFUC&q=American+Evangelistic+Association#v=snippet&q=American%20Evangelistic%20Association&f=false (if link does not work when you click on it, copy and paste to the URL box)

Source 2 above reveals that Douglas Jr. was a convert of A.A. Allen who was one of the more popular “faith healers” of his day and a very controversial figure.

The “Latter Rain Movement” was one of the many baseline movements for the modern charismatic chaos witnessed today.

Douglas Jr. hired John Douglas Sr. to be radio spokesperson for AEA and started the international ministry World Missionary Evangelism (WME). http://wordpress.aeaministries.org/history/

WME is now overseen by John G. Cathcart in Dallas. Some of his writings can be read here: https://wmedallas.wordpress.com/

The Statement of Faith for WME can be found here: http://www.wme.org/statementoffaith.html

Before Douglas Jr. died, John Rienhold was made CEO and President of AEA ministries. http://wordpress.aeaministries.org/history/

Rienhold has been working with Iranian evangelistic ministry “ELAM” and believes that God is not just working through their evangelistic efforts, but is also taking “shortcuts” because of Iranians seeing “visions” of Christ. http://www.charismamag.com/site-archives/218-peopleevents/news/2373-iranian-church-growth-mind-boggling

What ELAM believes as a ministry can be seen here: http://www.elam.com/page/statement-faith And their endorsers are here: http://www.elam.com/page/endorsements

Once again, all these links are not to insinuate that Pastor Saeed is not a Christian. It is good to know those that labor among us, especially if we plan to support them. This is purely informational and is meant to bring awareness to the kinds of beliefs Pastor Saeed may hold. While I am happy Saeed is freed, I am tired of professing Christians making the same mistake over and over again and not doing their homework.

Until we go home.

8 thoughts on “What does Pastor Saeed believe?

  1. I appreciate the thoroughness of including where we can find follow up info on all the areas. I don’t know the man at all either. I do know the prophecies of A.A. Allen and how many of them are unfolding! I also know that we are to be a unified warrior force for Him in these last days. Thanks for staying true to not condemning, but calling us to accountable awareness.


  2. George, quick question here: why do you have a problem with the idea of God personally revealing Himself in a vision to a lost person? Is not this what happened to the Apostle Paul?


  3. Tjons

    Thanks for the question. Personally, if God wanted to, He will. I personally have a problem with a preacher calling it a “shortcut.” But also, when He revealed Himself to Paul, the pretense/context was that Paul had already heard the preaching of the gospel. He was just an aggressive persecutor of Christians, and Jesus decided to monergistically call him to faith. This is instrumental in understanding what Paul himself stated concerning how people turn to faith by the preaching of the gospel. So it’s no wonder that this man calls it a “shortcut.”

    Furthermore, if you think about this, the salvation experience Paul had has much in common with believers. What the Holy Spirit accomplishes in the heart concerning sin, righteousness, and judgment is what Christ did to Paul. The degree of revelation has arguable difference, but the revelation and call to faith was the same nevertheless.

    All that to say this (of course briefly). If God chose to reveal Himself to Iranians without the preaching of the gospel, He has every sovereign right to do so. I only find it suspect because preachers like the one above are seemingly indicating that God is normatively doing so outside of His ordained means through the preaching. That is, Jesus is appearing to Muslims and calling them to repentance without them ever hearing the gospel preached. If Paul asks “how shall they hear without a preacher” then Paul concludes that God’s normative means to saving men is through an earthen vessel.

    Once again, this is not saying that God cannot do this. If God chooses this mode to save men, how He reveals Himself is truly His alone to decide. However, Paul’s extraordinary experience is not a standard for how God brings His gospel into difficult lands.


  4. deekaywarrior, with a modicum of effort I found several sources stating that A. A. Allen died in the Jack Tar motel from an alcohol binge.
    At Discernment Ministries International I also found that he fled Tenn. after being cited for DUI.
    Lastly according to Gods word any prophet making even one false prophecy is to be utterly rejected for speaking falsely in Gods name. Jerimiah 23 God wrath is kindled against any who falsely prophecy in His name. No excuses no exceptions. In 1 kings 13 God struck down a man for heeding the false words of a prophet.
    Allen prophesied that America’s destruction would come on July 4 1954.
    Jesus said that a tree can be judged by its fruit. Allen’s fruit disqualified him as an elder a pastor and a prophet.
    We are all called to live by “every word that proceeds from the mouth of God”‘ not from every word from the mouths of men.

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