Memorial Day Gorilla

Memorial Day Gorilla

*This picture was designed by my brother at It was regarding a comment I made on Memorial Day when this whole gorilla fiasco began. Like their page. Share the meme.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Gorilla

  1. This incident just shows the health of society. This really should come as no surprise to us. This is what children have been taught for years. Crack open any text book, science book, nature book or whatever, and you will find the anthropomorphisizing of the animals and the attention placed on protecting animals at the expense of man.

    Kill an unborn baby and it’s celebrated, kill an eagle egg and get ten years in prison. Cut down a tree and all the tree-huggers will come crying, kill off grandma, and you are considered progressive. Celebrate evil and you are considered wise, celebrate Jesus Christ and you have a mental condition.


  2. I am no longer on FB, but when I was, I followed their page. It’s a sad state when a gorilla is mourned over more than humans. 😦


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