Thoughts on Suicide

*** Note from Mark – knowing how much this has affected Sony, this is not an invitation to debate on this one, nor will derogatory comments be permitted. It is simply meant to be an encouragement to people to reach out if they are struggling with the thought of suicide. We are not all going to agree on every aspect of doctrine, but these words are helpful. ***


Last week, I found out that an acquaintance committed suicide. This was not a close friend but it affected me as I’ve pondered why people take such extreme measures when, more often than not, the trials of life are only temporary afflictions.

This is only the second time I can remember someone I know dying by his own hand. In the other case, the motive seemed to be selfishness: getting back at someone else.

In many cases, the motive is extreme hopelessness, and this makes me sad. Where there is life, there is always hope. It is only after death that nothing can be changed. At that point, not only your past, but your present and future are determined forever.

I wonder, though, if sometimes people commit suicide due to guilt. Could people honestly have done something “so bad” that they don’t think even God would forgive them, so they take the “easy way out” instead of humbling themselves in repentance and trusting God’s saving grace?

This last thought concerns me even more than the others. There is no sin that God won’t forgive IF a person is willing to repent and turn from that sin. The problem is that many don’t want to do that and so they live with the guilt of the life they are living until tragedy claims that life.


I understand discouragement, and I have been down to the point of wanting to die. But I remind myself that there is a reason that I am still alive, and it has nothing to do with me. The God who placed me on this earth still has a plan for my life and, until that plan is finished, I must be faithful. There is no “easy out” for a Christian. We are called to take up our cross daily and follow Him.

The thoughts going through my mind right now are many. First of all, my heart goes out to those who think the only way out of their problem is to end their life. But I also wonder how many people I know are struggling more deeply than I would ever imagine. We live in a world of “happy” faces, where people don’t want to be burdened with others. Therefore, there are a lot of lonely people in this world. As Christians, we should never be so busy or unconcerned that we don’t take time to listen to someone who is struggling. If someone is willing to open up and talk to you, it may be because they are hoping you will show them the Hope they need.

If you are one who is down and suicide has even crossed your mind, please find someone to talk to. I realize that you can’t trust just anybody but ask God to show you someone who would be willing to pray with you and check on you periodically to make sure you are okay. Although there will always be trials in this life, they truly are temporary, and God can give you the strength to walk through them if you allow Him to.

Don’t become another statistic. Be a victor! And help others to be victorious as well.


8 thoughts on “Thoughts on Suicide

  1. Mark, This is a good post, but I wonder if you have thought through one sentence: “There is no sin that God won’t forgive IF a person is willing to repent and turn from that sin.” Are you of the opinion that only sins we repent of are forgiven, or did Christ forgive our sins when they were cast upon Him on the cross? We do need to live a life of repentance, but none of us knows all the sins we commit, much less repent of all them. By forgiveness in this sentence, do you mean our relationship with God is restored?


  2. Thank you for sharing that, Finnegan. I am praying for that man and trust that what he needed was the encouragement you provided. Many times, just knowing someone cares helps tremendously.


  3. Thank you. I would appreciate that. If it’s easier to update me via email, Mark has my email address. But whatever works for you is fine. I’ll make a point to check back here periodically.


  4. I have lost a close friend to suicide about a couple of years ago and it still bothers me. To be bluntly honest I have thought about it as well at times. But I can’t spend my life blaming myself as this other person also made that choice. It was not mine to make and though there were things that may have influenced him to (which is what has kept me in a spiraling sorrow for a pretty long period of time) it was still something that he decided to do.

    Thank you for the encouraging words. Satan doesn’t want us to give our burdens to Jesus when we feel we have no hope or we should make a decision like that which is wrong and against what God wants (how dare we want to take something away that is God’s and what He made for a true purpose!).

    God bless you and am happy I just learned of this site. I think it’d be a good blog to follow!


  5. wondermedia,

    We are glad that you have stopped by here at DefCon. Our prayer is that we will defend truth and contend for the faith, but also that we will be an encouragement to all who stop by. It is not easy to live as a believer in this day and age, but encouragement, exhortation, and edification as needed helps us to live godly in this present age.

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  6. Thank you for your comment. I’m so sorry about your friend but I’m glad you have been able to move on, at least to some degree. How did you find this blog? I hope you will be encouraged to draw ever closer to Jesus as you read the posts on here.


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