LGBT is coming for YOUR Children


On second thought, just go ahead and listen to the Sandman as he takes you off to Slumberland. Faintly, maybe you can hear the melody and discordant trills of the Pied Piper that sounds almost comforting. You are not quite sure any more because you have been listening to the Sandman or the Pied Piper for so long that you don’t realize that behind the two-faced masks lies the evil one. It is Satan himself.

However, most of those who claim the name of Christ enjoy their sleep. They enjoy the tunes of the world that lure them deeper and deeper into the realms of darkness.

The writing has been on the wall for a long time. Like Belshazzar from the book of Daniel, we in the west have been weighed in the balances and found wanting.

When I began writing at Defending Contending over 8 years ago, I continued shouting the warnings that these days were coming. I shouted like a madman just as I have for years in the ministry that the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah were coming. I warned about the LGBT movement over and over. I argued with passion that they would NEVER be content to just destroy the Biblical pattern of marriage which was established by God as being between one man and one woman until death.

I was very vocal that the LGBT movement hated God and would strive diligently to destroy true Biblical Christianity. I also told you that they would infiltrate every aspect of government, the military, commerce, and down to the school system. Most have ignored me. Many mocked me. I have received more hate email than I care to have ever read.

In addition, I told you that they had a homosexual agenda. Their agenda has been detailed at great length that can be found with a simple search using any search engine.

Yet Christians closed their eyes. Pastors refused to take a stand. Churches capitulated to the enemy. It started simply enough by making comments like, “Well, what they do behind closed doors is not really anybody’s business.” But the LGBT movement was NEVER going to be content with that. “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” was not good enough for those who support this very small, but vitriolic and violent segment of the population who wanted complete openness to practice their abominations.

But that would NEVER be enough. The LGBT movement wants not only openness to do what they want and where they want and when they want, BUT…their key demand is that EVERYBODY MUST ACCEPT their perversions or they will be defined as bigots. Christians are responding with zzzzzzzzzzzzzz……….

Read the article linked here at FoxNews and weep. If you are willing to allow your children to sit under such deception, then do not be dismayed when they choose paths that are deliberately opposed to the ways of God. Don’t go and cry at the mid-week prayer meetings when you not only set them up for failure, but allowed them to be part of the celebrations that are taking place under the watchful eyes of those who you THOUGHT were tasked with the protection of little Johnny and little Susie.

Pastors, stop worrying about your next paycheck and allow the world to dictate what you can or cannot say. Your sermons will be nice pithy sermonettes and the applause will soon resound with the sound of church coffers being filled. Your conscience may grieve you temporarily, but don’t worry, this too shall pass as you shrug your shoulders and state, “Not my problem to correct the whole world!”

Missions support will probably go the way of the dodo bird, but don’t worry, the UN will do a great job providing care for all those poor misplaced Africans or Asians who still resoundingly believe that homosexuality and lesbianism is an abomination to the soul of mankind.


Oh yes, one more thing. Just forget about this article. It really is nothing more than the deluded thoughts of man who is nothing more than a bigoted crackpot. In fact, he probably still believes that the Word of God is good for all that pertains to life and godliness (2 Peter 1:3). As crazy as it sounds, he probably even believes that GOD DOES NOT CHANGE and that JUDGMENT IS COMING!

Shhhhhh….go back to sleep. The Sandman is com…..zzzzzzzzz…..


11 thoughts on “LGBT is coming for YOUR Children

  1. Very true Mark. We are very cautious and protective of our children and make sure that they understand the dangers posed by this juggernaut from hell. We also homeschool and even in that, we find the gov’t wants us to teach them about sex, “anatomy”, STD’s…etc. They aren’t even 12 years old yet!

    I can only shudder to think what society will be like even ten years from now. The heterosexual will be the freak of society and will be considered mentally unstable. I think as well, with the church going the way it is, heterosexuals will be rebuked and called to repent of their sin, and homosexuals will be celebrated as normal and pleasing to God.

    Lord Jesus come soon…

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  2. NAMBLA has gone mainstream. All these years of government education, school meals, after-school care programs were foundational for the radical curriculum that continues to be mandated by the nationals, even though they fund less than 20% of the typical public school. Parents who blindly trust any third party (private and “Christian” schools are not without flaws) to educate their kids are foolish.

    I’m done with Star Trek now, because they’ve decided to celebrate depravity by embracing the homo agenda in their scripts.

    We need to grow in grace and knowledge of the Word of God and our Lord Jesus Christ. The culture does not want that.


  3. Lev. 18: 1-23 gives a list of multiple sexual abominations in the eyes of the Lord. then from :24-19:1 God declared that because of these sins He is condemning the Canaanites. This was the basis for casting out and executing the Canaanites even before the Law of Moses was given.. So then it applies to all nations for all time with or without the Law of Moses. Then God warns the nation of Israel and by implication all nations that if they also commit these abomination that He will pour out His wrath upon them, too.
    The scoffers and mockers shake their fists in God’s face. they dismiss and decry the scriptures. we will not have God rule over us.

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  4. Amen, Miller. Further, since all sex outside of marriage is sin and since marriage is a covenant between a man and a woman, there is no way to twist support for same sex or any other abominable practice out of God’s Word. But man’s twisted mind can always imagine support from any source he chooses.


  5. I think as well, we need to understand the true state of the mainstream church. Let me ask everyone something here. Those of us who have been biblically saved, is there an issue with sexual sin? Is there an issue with accepting or not accepting homosexuals as pleasing in God’s eyes? Of course not.

    It’s the false converts that fill most churches that have compromised and accepted this sin with open arms. Why? Because it’s their nature. They are sinful, rebellious, un-regenerated reprobates who are playing a form of Christianity.

    There needs to be revival before we confront all these little and big sins. There needs to be a call to repentance, or all of our railings will fall on deaf ears and dead hearts.

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  6. Yep! It’s the only way to go. Unless of course one likes to throw their precious children to the wolves for the sake of making more money.

    That’s really what it boils down to.


  7. If God considered all sins to be equally sinful then He would justly assign the same earthly punishment and the same redemptive remedies.
    God does not require the death penalty, in this life, for all sins but rather only for a specific few.
    God does require the death penalty for some sexual sins but not for all sexual sins.
    The world is actively waging war against the church on this particular sin with serious legal ramifications for those who stand firm in opposition.
    The world is not waging war on the church to force us to embrace stealing or envy, yet.
    Demanding that the church bow down before this movement and or abortion is akin to asking us to bow down before the golden statue of Nebuchadnezzar.


  8. T.I. Miller, without arguing for or against the death penalty, there are a few things to remember.

    1. The death penalty was established by God under a theonomy (a government ruled by God).
    2. There is nothing in the New Testament that requires the death penalty be enacted for any crime.
    3. Actually, God does require the death penalty though for all sins. Rom. 3:23, “The wages of sin is death.” Every sinner stands in opposition to God and deserves to die.


  9. Exactly Mark. We also have to remember that homosexuality seems to rate higher on God’s bad list, as He mentions it in Romans 1 where He gave them this curse as a result of turning away from Him and worshiping creation instead. Environmentalism is a serious slap in the face of God as man assumes he’s on the throne and the idea of God is for old women and mad men.

    Once man turns his back on God, and decides to be his own god, God will abandon him and give him over to homosexuality. It’s amazing to think that homosexuality is a curse given to man to destroy him.

    God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, and will destroy anyone who rebels against His word.


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