Who is Jesus?

Glad you asked.

12 thoughts on “Who is Jesus?

  1. Jesus is the essence of God sent to earth to be born as a human man. He is 100% man and 100% God. God is perfect energy with intellegentce. Jesus was sent to speak to the people and share with them a good way to live, and what God has prepared for them that have faith.Jesus healed many and performed miracles to see that He was different and the Masiah that had been prophesied. Jesus had to die on the cross for all of our sins. During which time,God turned His back on Jesus because Jesus had all of Men’s sins from the beginning of time on him One must be pure in order to be with God. So whom ever accepts Jesus as their personal Savior, and asks forgiveness for their sins, will have ever lasting life with Jesus and God. Those that are Born Again are changed and filled with so much love over flowing, and by the Grace of God are saved and filled with the Holy Spirit whom will guide the them in life. One will be pure in the eyes of God. After death, during The White Throne Judgment, Jesus will defend us before God. The Bible tells us that you have to go through Jesus to get to God. That is how we eventually go to Heaven.
    It is possible that when we are changed, we may have our DNA changed. Like a switch going on in our brain. This will allow the Angels to find us and transport us off the earth. Who knows? One of God’s main purposes was to get His creations to spread the Gospel in order to save as many people as can be done. We are supposed to finish God’s work down here.


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  3. Susan, two comments:

    Firstly, God did not turn His back on Jesus; He poured out His wrath on Him so we who are redeemed will not suffer that wrath for our sins. Those whom He has not saved will face that wrath for their sins.

    Secondly, nobody is saved by “accepting Jesus.” Sinners are saved by His grace, which is accepted because it cannot be resisted; see Lazarus in John 11.

    Many thanks for stopping by.


  4. Met that father son dual back in the mid 90’s after they recorded this song. They spent a little time in our neck of the woods performing.


  5. The RCC is about to impute it’s sainthood upon Mother Teresa. In her own words she believed that all gods of all religions were one and the same. She believed that the act of loving others out weighed your theological faith. She believed that all will be judged by their works of love, period. She was against judging anyone’s faith or religion. She was against evangelizing. Her Jesus cannot be the soul saving Jesus of the Bible.

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