What if Today Happened to You?

Today was a special service at our little mission. There was rejoicing, a time of prayer, and worship of the Most High. While we spent time in prayer specifically for the persecuted church, every part of our service, including the time of fellowship afterwards, was intended to bring honor and glory to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Each person that came today woke up to a dreary, grey, overcast sky and drove in a vehicle in a country that freely allows us to travel. But still we came.

Each person that came today had the privilege of coming to a building where we have freedom to worship as we see fit and not having to hide in a cave, or in the forest, or out on a dreary plain just to worship without fear of being reported to the authorities. But still we entered.

Each person that came today had no thoughts of any news that might or might not be taking place around the world. But still we worshipped.

Each person that came today had the opportunity to have a better understanding of what the persecuted church experiences every day. But still we prayed.

Each person that came today was reminded that there is an eternity to look forward where there will be no sin, no tears, no dying, no fears, and only joy in the presence of the Savior. But still we sang.

Each person that came today heard the truth of Scripture being boldly proclaimed that Jesus Christ alone saves sinners. But still we listened.

Each person that came today left after service to gusts of wind blowing across the parking lot, and a sky that was clearing with beautiful sunshine. But still we left.

Each person that came today read the news this afternoon that while we were worshipping, there were others who were doing the same but who did not go home for the wickedness of the heart of man was made evident as several in a Baptist church in south Texas went out into eternity. But still we grieve.

Tonight and in the coming weeks, there will be much soul-searching by many who go to services. Many parents will have concern for their safety and that of their children. Many will wonder if it is safe to go and worship with other believers, or will more lives come to an end. Many church leaders will face the daunting task of determining what kind of security they believe is necessary to help provide protection for those who come.

Yet, through the difficulty of following the news, these things remain true. The dangers are real. The reasons why this young man chose to kill will remain unanswered because he went out to eternity where he faced God as Judge.

Every day across this world, there are millions of Christ followers who live in danger of being harmed or being killed. Millions understand the risks of coming together knowing that it could be their last week. From places like North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Iran, and many other countries, especially in the 10/40 window, there is the cry of the persecuted church. They are being harmed or killed simply because they have called on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

BUT still they went, still they entered, still they worshipped, still they prayed, still they sang, still they listened, still they left, and still they grieved.

The world is going to get worse. The Bible promises that this will be the case. Others will die for their faith. Others will have to determine whether dying for Christ is better than living for self. Others will have to decide if they will be bold for Christ and accept the martyr’s crown, or if they will deny the Christ who died for them and so forget that the servant is not above the Master.

What if tomorrow doesn’t take place like you think it will? What if tomorrow you are called to stand before God?

What if today happened to you?

10 thoughts on “What if Today Happened to You?

  1. My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, my heart breaks for those who are being subjected to this horror. It is for God’s glory that we suffer for Him.

    How desperately we need revival. How desperately we need reformation in the church.

    How desperately we need to remember that this earth is only temporary and we look forward to the Celestial City. The more I hear of these shootings, the looser those anchors that tie us to this world become.

    You all on in my prayers and tears.

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  2. We grieve and pray for the lost of our sisters and brothers in this difficult time of terrorism raining down on the church. God will not leave nor forsake us and we know he it still on the throne. Let’s not lose heart but keep looking up to God being fully persuaded he will keep his promises to us. The Prince of peace be with you.

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  5. Theological Armianism and prophetic futurism is killing the witness of Christ in America and the Western world. There needs to be some kind of revolution or reformation to put biblical truth straight again in and out of our churches. It is coming, but will we recognize it when it gets here? waymarks.org


  6. What we’re seeing, actually is a maturing of the tares and wheat. At no other time in history has there been such a distinction between the false-converts and the saints. God is doing His work in separating off the goats from the sheep. Nothing to worry about. We need to pray that we are not taken in by the grand delusion sweeping the globe.


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