Winning souls begins on our knees
Crying out to God to hear our pleas.
O’ Lord, we pray save those who are lost
Send us near and far whatever the cost.

Can we not pray but only one hour?
Rescuing the dying in God’s holy power?
It is appointed unto man once to die
O’ for lost souls we must cry!

Will a man be willing to lose everything
For one to repent and the angels to sing?
O’ believer, the day of their salvation is at hand
What will you say to the Lord when you stand?

We are bought with a price and we’re not our own
The orders have been given and we’re not alone.
God is with us wherever we are
To be a soul-winner must be our par.

Some say that soul-winning isn’t in their DNA
Tell that to Jesus, what will He say?
Brother and sister what about you?
Remember Jesus died for you too.

Jim Kelley

3 thoughts on “Evangelism

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  2. We are to ‘confess Christ before men’. Many Christians don’t want to evangelize or believe it is a “special calling” for certain ones, and not all believers. Go to church and that’s it We are witnesses for Jesus. As a former Jehovah’s Witness elder, and now saved, I am amazed at how many believers do not witness. Solution? PRAY for revival among believers to publicly share the gospel! Pray that church leaders will set an example!


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