You’ve heard it said that “justified” means “just as if I’d never sinned.”

If that were true, we would be in trouble by the hour.

If all Christ did for us was to make us like Adam before the Fall, we are not clothed in His righteousness, we are not aware of the offense against Him we’ve committed, and we have no amazement at the grace He lavished upon that we would be the sons and daughters of Holy God.

Justified means MUCH MORE than “just as if I’d never sinned.” It means forgiven, reconciled, and destined for glory in spite of my sin.

Praise the Lord! He does not merely make our sin go away; He paid for it on the cross and covers us in His righteousness, reconciling us to the Father by the blood of His cross.

3 thoughts on “Justified

  1. Keep speaking truth.
    I have had many conversations with life long member/attenders who are oblivious to the terms justification and sanctification. The problem is not just with cultural Christians. Even genuine born from above adopted children of God are stuck in theological first grade. Preachers preach yet they manage to never really teach. Seeker friendly sermons are long on emotional motivational appeal and short on doctrine and creeds.
    No educator believes that students can be inculcated with truth via lectures alone. No one will remember a pastors sermon 2 weeks later. I am 66 and can still do my times tables from memory. Now that is learning. pastors want to reserve real teaching to small group studies. On a percentage level they are poorly attended. Even they fail to teach the essential creeds of the faith. In fact that is not the primary reason they exist. They exist for 2 or 3 reasons. by bonding with other believers you also become more loyal to the church leaders. They also want to motivate you to church service to bond you to loyalty to the leaders. Or they want to get you into some sort of missional (social justice) feel good about your good works busy work.
    Nothing is ever really learned until it is put into practice, daily. I also studied and have forgotten Spanish because I did not practice it.
    there is only one reason that so many are so easily theologically led astray. There is only one reason so many are willing to accept secular cultural immorality. Look no farther than the pulpit and the seminaries.

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