The Original Revival Hymn

I found this video on a Christian brother’s website. Paul, thank you for posting this to your site. It is truly convicting and right in line with what I have been sharing on my posts about “Spiritual Vertigo.”

5 thoughts on “The Original Revival Hymn

  1. This was one of the sources God used back in 2009 to save me. This video rocked me to the core and brought me to my knees. I pray humbly that God uses it again to bring sinners to their knees. For His glory. Bless you brother for your obedience to the cross.


  2. Brother Paul, it has been many years since I have heard some of the clips in this video, but definitely challenging and changing. As Ravenhill asked at the very end – “The question isn’t were you challenged?” The question is “Were you changed?”

    Oh how far, we have come, even in evangelical circles, from the reality of a holy God and a totally depraved man. More and more are only interested in building their own little kingdoms and fail to show sinners their need of a Savior.

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  3. I hear you Mark. We’re all so tired. With life, struggles, finances and the state of the world, it all tires. I look forward to our home with Him.

    The Revival Hymn is a powerful tool used by God to bring many to Him. The part in the video where Duncan Campbell remembers the amazing revival inn Lewis will always remain special in my heart. “Oh Willy…are ye comin’ at last?” Brings tears to my eyes even today.

    May God give us strength to remain faithful. 


  4. Yes! I read that at one point in time, and was amazed how God brought him to Lewis. Reverend MacKay! He’s a distant relative of mine. So there’s a few saved among the heathen! Ha!

    Will always love the video and how God used it to open my eyes to my need for repentance.


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