What Does Abortion Sound Like?

MUR’DERnoun [Latin mors.]

1. The act of unlawfully killing a human being with premeditated malice, by a person of sound mind. To constitute murder in law, the person killing another must be of sound mind or in possession of his reason, and the act must be done with malice prepense, aforethought or premeditated; but malice may be implied, as well as express.

1828 Webster’s Dictionary

Yes, I understand it’s legal to murder your child who seeks love, nourishment, and protection in your womb, but it was legal to kill Jews in Nazi Germany and it was legal to kill negros just a few years ago. Just because a rebellious government who does everything it can to erase God from society declares something is legal, doesn’t make it right. Would we clap our hands in agreement if the Chinese authorities decided to kill off those who were infected with the coronavirus? I would hope not.

I have many brothers and sisters in Christ who stand courageously outside of abortion clinics and witness for Christ’s glory. Some listen, most don’t.

These heroes sacrifice their time, comfort and even freedom to perhaps save one little baby. Is it worth it? Yes! This atrocity needs to stop and men and women need to take responsibility for their actions and do the right thing and accept the baby they produced.

2 thoughts on “What Does Abortion Sound Like?

  1. Paul, I cannot honestly say that I “like” this post. Here at Truth in Grace, we have let it be known clearly that we stand against abortion for any reason. Abortion IS murder and always will be no matter how many governments approve of its use.

    The continuous sound of the BBs hitting the tin cans is not something I have ever heard used as an illustration, nor is it one that I will likely forget any time soon.

    My only disappointment is his conclusion of “God help us.” I do not think there is any more help from God coming but only justice and righteous judgment against the depraved wickedness of this once great nation. Sadly, the UK and Canada are no better than America when it comes to abortion.

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  2. Sigh…I hear you. We had friends who were ministering at an abortion clinic and they were counseling a woman who was bound and determined to kill her child. They were doing everything they could to convince her, when she said, “If you don’t want the baby, then you take it!”

    They couldn’t and so they got in touch with us right then and there, and we said of course! Not even for a second would I say no. They told her and she was shocked and said she would think about it. She left, but our friends never could get in touch with her again. Only God knows what happened.

    These dear babies are wanted, but unfortunately, not by their own parents. This video was put out a few years back so I can imagine how long the BB’s would go for now.

    It’s such a sobering reminder of the ever-hungry lips of a cruel and horrible enemy who wants nothing more than to destroy our future and turn would-be parents into cold and unemotional murderers.


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