Christ our Glory

The last two weeks have been extremely trying. The normal lives we thought we had, along with the comfort and ease, was cruelly crushed beyond recognition. This is particularly true to those in the Western world.

Yet, it may be at this time that the eyes of all true believers needs to be turned away from the cares of the world and refocused on Jesus Christ, who alone is the Author and Finisher of our faith. He is our glory and we, the Bride, are His.

Sovereign Grace Music has another hymn entitled “Christ Our Glory” that I have never heard until the last month or so. These words resonate in light of what we are currently experiencing.

“Our rest is in heaven, our rest is not here
Then why should we tremble when trials draw near?
Be still and remember the worst that can come
But shortens our journey and hastens us home!”

“No hours should be wasted on seeking our joy
And placing our hope in what will be destroyed
We look for a city that hands have not raised
We long for a country that sin has not stained!”

3 thoughts on “Christ our Glory

  1. We always seem to have a life where God has put us through the wringer. Nary a month goes by when something pops up where we must trust God and rely on Him to get us through the day. But this? Man…our best laid plans…we must have a new level of trust and faith to get us through this trial, don’t we? But for the Holy Spirit’s grace and power.

    Great reminder Mark. Thank you for the lift.


  2. Good morning Paul, you are welcome. Their music has really been an encouragement to me of late. I had heard of them but don’t think I ever spent time to listen to the hymns before the last couple of months. Encouraging words and Christ-exalting to be sure. Have a blessed day.

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  3. I get the same encouragement from music sometimes as well. Music can say things better sometimes. Sta safe brother. Wear the mask and don’t take chances with your health.


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