Has God Abandoned Us?

6 thoughts on “Has God Abandoned Us?

  1. There was a time when there was weeping for sin. It can be seen especially in the Old Testament. The children of Israel wept and cried aloud to God and HE HEARD their cry and answered.

    In the New Testament, I don’t believe for a moment that the beloved apostle John took his quill to parchment and made pious platitudes to the churches of Asia Minor. No, I believe that he stood on the Isle of Patmos and pleaded aloud on their behalf and cried his angst to the wind with the hopes that it would carry to those churches that had lost their first love.

    Oh, that we would have ears that would hear what the Spirit says, and NOT be concerned about the thoughts of man.

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  2. When we listened to that video last night, and we all heard the wails and cries of the souls begging for mercy, I turned to my boys and told them that in 2009 that’s what happened to me when I was saved. I cried for two weeks straight. There wasn’t a store or room that I didn’t go into where I welled up and had to get out because of my sin and its dreadful reality. Both my wife and I cried over the video last night, and it’s my prayer that my children do too one day.


  3. Brother, I wish more would be broken over their sin and the reality of what sin did to the Perfect Lamb. Too often, we pray as to the ceiling with dry, dusty words and wonder if God has abandoned us because we receive no answers. The breaking of fellowship with His children though is not because He is far off. The lack of fellowship is because we prefer to be like the prodigal son who wanted to spend the father’s inheritance amongst the slop of the world’s troughs.

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  4. I hear you. I still cry over my sin and when I read something regarding Christ’s sacrifice, I well up again. I am fully convinced that Christians (biblically saved that is) will always be tender toward this, and hate their sin. I watch my children and they will sit there and stare with little emotion on their faces while my wife and I weep. Their hearts are still hard. It’s sad but I cannot make the mistake in letting them think that just because they come from a “Christian household”, they are automatically Christians.

    Regarding fellowshipping with other brethren, God knows full well I would LOVE to gather together and fellowship and pray and study with others. This (at this time) can’t happen because there is just nothing out there to attend. We would be putting ourselves in peril physically and morally if we just decided to go just to attend a church.


  5. Brother, there are many children who grew up (or currently growing up), who heard a little spiel in “Junior Church” and were emotionally led to make some kind of profession. They had no idea what it was about and simply played “Follow the Leader.” Many will go to hell, as I preached this last Sunday, and they will say “Lord, Lord, did we not do all these things?” But, the holy and righteous Judge will say, “Depart from me, you workers of iniquity, for I never knew you!”

    I have friends in other places of the US who find a dry, spiritual desert in place. It is a bad state in which we find ourselves currently.

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