A Sad Memorial Day Reminder!

Remembering-Our-Fallen-Soldiers-on-Memorial-Day-2Today is a sad Memorial Day!

It is sad because of the numbers of people who were willing to give their all for what they thought was the cause of freedom. It is sad because of the many who have been duped into believing what our government has chosen to feed us through popular media formats. It is sad that tens of thousands have had to die and are still dying in wars that we have no business being involved with. It is sad that our thanks seems far too little for those who died.

It is sad that our government continues to justify the killing and massacre of thousands of people on foreign soil. It is sad that our military must fight wars that they are not fully equipped to fight. It is sad that our military cannot remain at home to protect our own borders from those who seek this country nothing but harm. It is sad that soldiers, airmen, marines, and sailors have had to die in vain so that our government can hand out gifts to people who hate America and all it stands for.

It is sad that old men will sit in their comfortable offices and dream of new battlefields for our children and grandchildren to fight on. It is sad that fighting against tyranny did not stop with the destruction of Nazi Germany. It is sad that we must be on guard against our own government whose leaders no longer pray for wisdom as past presidents have done. It is sad when many in our country have no shame in voting for a person who is a traitor to our military.

It is sad that this Memorial Day, we must remember with shame and disgrace that those who gave their all did so in the vain hope that America would always be the home of the free and the brave. It is sad that those who gave their all are buried with little fanfare while an ungrateful generation rushes by with the attitude that they are an entitled generation. It is sad that we cannot apologize to those who have died for allowing ourselves to be destroyed by enemies from within.

It is sad that freedom is never free. It is sad that freedom has been given away so easily by those who have forgotten the ultimate sacrifice. It is sad that many never cared in the first place. It is sad that many hate the very God who has allowed us to exist this far. It is sad that wickedness is accepted now so easily. It is sad that homosexuality is openly embraced, even by people claiming to be true Christians.

It is sad that our freedoms do not extend to the 60+ million human babies who were murdered and whose blood cries silently from their trashcans across this once great land. Currently about 1% of the population serve in the military compared to around 12% during World War II.

It is sad that low side to high side, that means that through abortion, doctors who swore the Hippocratic Oath not to harm or kill have killed between 600,000 to 7.2 million future soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coasties just since 1973! What a sad Memorial Day. The TOTAL number of US population killed since 1775 is just 1.4 million! The TOTAL number of military killed since 1973 is just 9,610.

Yes, today is Memorial Day again, but it is a sad one for far too many reasons. May God grant forgiveness because we certainly do not deserve mercy today.

*** – Reposting my original post from 4 years ago.


9 thoughts on “A Sad Memorial Day Reminder!

  1. It’s a sad state when we’ve sent so many to die in combat and have not declared war in 75 years! It is mere gamesmanship on the part of politicians, who do all to cling to power.

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  2. Where in the bible can one find our fine nation?

    It isn’t just the loss of life in war, how about 55 million aborted babies? Now if the blood of righteous Able cried out from the ground and God heard, what do you think the blood of 55 million babies crying out from the sewers of America sounds like to our Lord!?!? Will He not hear and avenge their cry?!?!

    Again I ask, “Where in the bible can we find the good old U.S. of A.? Are we NOT God’s gift to Churchianity?” How could He have missed mentioning the most “Christian” nation in the history of Christianity?


    Are we looking at scripture amiss?…

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  3. Manfred and Mickey, consider this statistic. Currently 0.04% of the population serve in the military compared to around 12% during World War II. Low side to high side, that means that through abortion, doctors who swore the Hippocratic Oath not to harm or kill have killed between 2.4 million to 7.2 million future soldiers, airmen, sailors, marines, and coasties just since 1973! What a sad Memorial Day.


  4. There has been no congressional declaration of war since 1941. Congress and the White House have played games with laws but they have not declared war. If I am wrong, please show me where I can find the document containing the declaration of war.


  5. We no longer declare war via the Constitutional parameters. We now have Executive Order actions that set precedent for going around the Constitution and setting up the destruction of said document. It is no different than religious organizations establishing 501 (c) (3)’s and submitting themselves to Caesar as opposed to standing independent under the protection afforded under the freedom of religion clause. “Congress shall make no laws…” trumps the government and thus the IRS from having any authority to control religion. But when you bow to Caesar you take what he gives you as benefit at the cost of being a government entity.

    There is in fact a Supreme Court ruling from the 50’s I believe that rules a church (which is unincorporated) has a God given right to exist since Calvary and is therefore exempt from government oversight.

    Here is a simple search that can begin to shed light on this:

    Back to the government, everything it does today is designed to enslave you to a government that is hell bent upon being one world in nature. Now this begs the question, “Why is the church silent on these issues?” And there are 2 simple answers Jeremiah 5:30 with corporations pushing a social gospel for profit, and the pre-tribulation rapture heresy which puts both wise and foolish virgins to sleep…


  6. It turns out that was happened in 1991 was an authorization of war, not a declaration. (http://articles.latimes.com/1991-01-13/news/mn-374_1_persian-gulf). There actually is a difference between a declaration and an authorization, but a small one.

    An authorization means that Congress is giving the president the right to escalate to using force, essentially starting a war. A declaration, on the other hand, means that the war has started, even if there is no military acting taking place.

    Complicating things further, once military force is involved in some way, the war is happening, whether declared, authorized, or neither. The Supreme Court ruled that the War on Terror began on 9/11/01, with the terrorist attacks.

    Basically, it’s the difference between walking up to someone saying, “If we gotta fight, we gotta fight, because I’m not backing down,” and yelling “I’m going to kill you and everyone that ever loved you” to someone as you’re walking up to him. In one, there might be a fight; in the other, the fight has already started.


  7. Actually there is a YUGE difference. From that story: “Based on the U.N. Security Council resolution adopted Nov. 29, it gives the President authorization to use force any time after Tuesday, but only if he notifies Congress that his diplomatic efforts have failed.” These “authorizations” capitulate the responsibility given the Congress. It’s all a political game designed to give cover to those running for re-election.


  8. An odd political opinion piece and subsequent discussion for a theological web page. All this with no discussion of the JUST WAR DOCTRINE. Allow my cut and paste.
    Just Cause. Wars designed for aggression against a neighbor, or those designed simply to increase a country’s wealth or prestige cannot be justified. A just cause may be to intervene on behalf of an innocent third party, to punish an evil or aggressor nation, or to defend one’s own nation against aggression or overthrow.9

    Right Authority. This category is designed to insure that the proper authorities are calling for the war. Just wars are not private revolutions. In the United States, the Congress has the power to declare war, thereby helping to ensure that there will be vigorous debate before the wholesale commitment of American ground forces.

    Proportionality. Any potential conflict must be evaluated as to the cost and benefits. Are the potential gains worth the possible costs and sacrifice — both with regard to finances and human lives? Will the destructiveness of the proposed conflict outweigh any enhancement of other human values? Clearly, this category requires foresight; the difficulties involved do not absolve a country from this responsibility.10 For example, there is more risk involved in committing ground troops than in utilizing air strikes. Is the risk of getting mired in a ground war worth the cost? As the Union troops in the Civil War battle for Fredericksburg found out, getting in may prove much harder than getting out.

    The Goal of Peace. This criterion requires that just wars be fought with the final, realizable goal of peace in mind. Not only should there be a strategy to win; there should be a peace that can be achieved. It was this element that disturbed many Americans about the committing of U.S. ground troops to the conflict in Bosnia. They wondered if any “simple” one-year commitment of U.S. troops could do anything to bring a lasting peace to a conflict that had lasted centuries.

    War as the Last Resort. Nonviolent means of persuasion should always be attempted for a reasonable amount of time before resorting to war. In the modern political climate, there are numerous means that can serve to achieve the desired end of peace: diplomacy, economic boycotts, and other tactics have all worked to achieve just ends. But, there are times when diplomacy fails. The “last resort” implies that the use of force may be legitimate.


    Once a decision has been reached that war is unavoidable, how should a nation conduct itself in warfare? Keeping in mind that wars are always “neater” on paper than in the field, Just War Tradition nevertheless has two important criteria that keep the violence of war from escalating into total mindless savagery. These criteria for jus in bello (justice in battle) are proportionality and noncombatant immunity.

    Proportionality. In conducting a battle just as much as in determining to enter a war, likely goods must be weighed against likely evils. For example, in various campaigns in the South Pacific during World War II, Japanese-held islands were often bypassed and left “to wither on the vine” rather than be invaded. The cost in human lives was simply not worth any potential benefits. This was an example of proportionality in action.

    Modern-day “smart weapons” are a huge advance over the weapons of 50 years ago, and can help in keeping violence proportional. As the Gulf War demonstrated, it is often possible to destroy a military target with a comparatively small load of explosives because of the pinpoint accuracy of the weapon. Not only does this advance in accuracy meet proportional goals, but it also provides better protection for civilians.

    Noncombatant Immunity. This criterion requires that civilians not be directly and intentionally targeted. While it is true that wars inevitably kill some civilians, such killing must be an unintended and indirect product of attacks on the military.

    Modern-day terrorists and guerrilla fighters pose grave threats to the doctrine of noncombatant immunity. Intentionally locating their command headquarters or military targets within civilian areas, these groups use civilians as human shields for their acts of terror. Ironically, when they hide behind civilians in this way, terrorists are paying those nations that adhere to JWT a compliment, acknowledging that such nations do not make it a practice to kill civilians intentionally. Saddam Hussein repeatedly hid military targets in the middle of residential neighborhoods. Tomahawk Cruise missiles, however, often proved more than a match for such tactics, flying around hospitals and schools in order to destroy legitimate targets.



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