Christian Humanism Explained

10 thoughts on “Christian Humanism Explained

  1. This is a wonderful video that reminds us that true Biblical Christianity is ALL about Christ. Humanism infiltrating the church is why we can get trite little phrases that sounded good (and sold a lot of books) that tell us that “Christian hedonism” is something to be sought after. My life is not about making me feel better about myself or about finding happiness. When we come to Christ, we have to learn to die to self daily because we must be continually reminded that it is all about Christ and His glory.

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  2. Hence why I find CS Lewis to be dangerous. He sounds so good, but his fruit is rotten. There so many in the church, past and present that have gotten the makeup and costume just right. Only God knows sometimes who’s true and who’s a faker. The Christian life is all about Christ. We are supposed to live, serve and die for Christ. Period. This is also why when I hear Christians talk about their constitutional rights, it riles me. We have no rights as Christians in this world. We serve God and proclaim His Gospel. As soon as we start talking about rights and freedoms, we lose sight of our purpose on earth.


  3. He’s very dangerous indeed. Spurgeon warned us about such. “Discernment is not a matter of simply telling the difference between right and wrong; rather it is telling the difference between right and almost right.” Lewis was almost right on many things, but he mixed humanism in to make his works appealing to the masses.


  4. When I was a combat engineer, an old NCO told me the way to tell if we had good soil was to put a small amount in our mouth and put it between teeth and tongue. If it was smooth as powdered sugar, it was organic and not fit to build upon; if it was rough like table salt, it was good to use. That is the kind of discernment we need with theological issues.

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  5. Ah yes, brother Manfred, an apt illustration to be sure. If what the church is serving is smooth and sweet as powdered sugar, then it is pure rubbish. However, if the preaching brings needed exhortation and edification and, at times, is rough and gritty like salt on the tongue, then it is profitable.

    On a side note — Might have to preach this sometime. Just need two more points and a poem along with a special rendition of “Just As I Think I Am” — oh, never mind! LOL

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  6. Make sure you get some work ahead signs and pylons to make it authentic. Maybe wear a safety vest with the word, ‘Work in Progress’, that should make the sermon much more palatable. Remember, most people have spiritual high blood pressure so you might want to use a salt substitute instead.

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