Legacy Standard Bible

I have a great deal of respect for Dr. John MacArthur and the scholarly work that has come out of Master’s University and Seminary. This is a translation and a massive upgrade from the NASB that I am really looking forward to holding in my hands and using. This is a translation that builds upon the word-for-word translation work of Bible versions that have gone before.

However, I am sad that this will not be available for maybe over a year. I wish Dr. MacArthur and staff would have waited a little longer to announce this because the wait will be painful.

Thank you Dr. MacArthur and Dr. Chou for the work that is being done. May Christ be exalted and glorified through the use of this translation for years into the future.

More information can be found at THIS LINK.

4 thoughts on “Legacy Standard Bible

  1. It may very well be a good translation – but: There is no word-for-word English translation of the Hebrew and Greek Bible. Every translation is a combination of formal and dynamic equivalence due to the nature of translation. Secondly, this Bible is guaranteed to be slanted (for sure in the notes) towards Mac’s trainwreck system of dispensationalism. Far better is a translations that is the product of several people who are not all of the same theological bent.


  2. Yea, but, but, but…Schofield’s Bible notes have long been considered inspired by many in Baptist circles, so why not Johnny Mac’s edition? In fact, ancient cave drawings from the Isle of Patmos seem to show the apostle John consulting a Schofield Reference Bible so it must be true! LOL

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  3. Going out on a limb, i question the assumption that older manuscripts are ALWAYS more reliable.
    Im not comfortable with so many passages being relegated to second and third class status.
    Many are in parentheses and many are simply left out.
    Its bothersome in light of the commands against adding or taking away from God breathed texts.
    It bothers me when majority texts loose out to minority text based upon the assumption that they were accurately dated as older.
    Im bothered by any text that may have been edited by Origin, given his bias towards Platonism.
    Perhaps I just don’t like being stampeded in a herd to just go along with so many assumptions.


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