When She Kisses You!


(Francis Quarles, 1592-1644)

Do you think, my soul, to be made happy by the smiles of the world–or unhappy by her frowns?

When she fawns upon you, she deludes you.

When she kisses you, she betrays you.

Like Jael, she brings the milk in a lordly dish, and bears a hammer in her deadly hand.

Trust not her flattery, O my soul–nor let her malice move you.

Her music is your enchantment, and her sweetness is your snare!

She is the highway to eternal death!

“Worldliness is the most thronged road to everlasting ruin!” J.A. James

“The spirit of the world is eating out the very heart and life of true godliness!” George Everard

“Refined worldliness is the present snare of the Church of God!” Horatius Bonar

“The world is a sea, where we are tossed upon the surging waves of sorrow, and often in danger of shipwreck! The world is a wilderness, full of fiery serpents!” Thomas Watson

4 thoughts on “When She Kisses You!

  1. Another great reminder, Paul. The same should be said to every church that claims the name of Christ.

    “Do you think, my church, to be made happy by the smiles of the world when you provide entertainment – or unhappy by her frowns when you preach the truth of Scripture?”

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  2. The church is supposed to make the unsaved uncomfortable. It’s not supposed to be a place where a rogue can go and feel at home. Too many times have I heard the world brag about a certain church and say, “They make me feel so welcome!”. Absolutely wrong, and if that’s what the world is saying about anyone’s church, then a house-cleaning is in order.

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  3. Yes, but you just don’t understand. How in the world will the church get enough money in the coffers in order to build another grandiose building if they don’t make the place comfortable for those who will come and pay good money for the privilege of walking into a new week feeling so great about themselves?

    Brother, I am afraid that when things fully erupt in the world, particularly in the west, that it will become harder and harder to find those who are true believers. I am not afraid of walking into eternity and being with the Lord, but I struggle with my feelings when it comes to realizing that I will leave behind my children who will struggle greatly when the time comes.

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  4. I hear you brother. My four children have very little interest in Jesus. They say they do, but put on a video of Christ being crucified, and only my wife and I are in tears. They just sit there and watch. I can’t understand it. God knows dear brother. If it’s His will for you and your family to be together in eternity then there’s nothing you can do or not do to make it happen or stop it.

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